Moorings and boat losses


Many of you will be aware of the loss of two boats this weekend during Storm Dennis. Aspirations is on the eastern shore about mile down the creek with keel damage The Drascombe, Bluebelle, I’m told is a total loss.
This morning I attempted to locate any remnants of the mooring chain attached to the sinkers on the moorings without success. It is likely that the moorings failed close to the sinker. If this is the case it would make these failures the third of this type within a year. Checking moorings deep down is clearly difficult and  I suggest that at some stage this season your moorings be checked all the way to the bottom.  I’m not sure of the best way to do this,  any suggestions welcome. I do mine by pulling as hard as I can on it when the tide is out. I suspect this is not a realistic test, but I do have a very light boat. I haven’t tried digging down, but may be worthwhile if you fancy it.
Using the raft and attaching the hook low down on the chain and winding up till very taut is probably worthwhile. If it snaps then the mooring will likely be lost but at least your boat won’t.

Enjoy the new season.