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The following charges, to be paid in advance, are based on your vessels length overall. (LOA) The yard master (YM) will determine with you the correct band if there is doubt. (See club bye-law 21 for guidance). The charges shown are the standard rate (STD) per week for a maximum of 26 weeks ashore within any 12 months. Any storage ashore above 26 weeks in the storage year will be charged at 4 times the std. rate for the first four weeks & then 10 times the std. rate per week until the vessel is returned to the water. This pricing policy covers ALL boats using the temporary storage ashore entitlement irrespective of method of movement.

NB. storage ashore over 26 weeks in the storage year stated MUST have committee approval.

Payment Methods

Online to club A/C Santander A/c 09238602 Sort code 09-07-25 (It is important to record your name and membership number on the payment)
£ 0.00

Guidance Notes

For club tractor/cradle lifts the YM will facilitate lift movements and arrange a volunteer tractor driver. The driver will make available equipment suitable for the lift. The drivers decision on the day is final regarding moves and ALL STORAGE POSIIONS. When this completed document and fees are received I will contact you regarding the planned movement. BOAT OWNERS/crew should be prepared to assist for ALL lifts on the day e.g. rope placement, boat handling, cradle work with winches/ and the use of/return to stock boat supports as necessary. To avoid disruption/ delay or cancellation of your lift please have the necessary supports/props/for your boat ready at the designated place. For any additional requirements speak to the yard master before the day. To enable the yard to run effectively for members, any and ALL items in the yard may be moved at short notice due to cancellation of lift, owners health, weather, volunteer availability, emergency or just good housekeeping. Your boat storage area must be controlled and free from rubbish at all times. By using this application form, you agree to these requirements. NB. ALL Boat movements afloat or ashore are the responsibility of the skipper/owner and to be covered by appropriate vessel insurance.