Covid-19 Coronavirus – LHYC Guidelines Updated – 29th November 2020

With the return to the Tier system on 3rd December 2020 those members with boats still afloat will be allowed to resume using their boats. The club hut will remain closed. Members of the club live in both Tier 2 and 3 areas, please acquaint yourself of what is and isn’t allowed from your own area here. Below is the RYA’s current interpretation of the current rules.


Below is the current club interpretation until the 2nd December 2020.

Following the government announcement on Saturday 31st October 2020 and the announcement of National Restrictions from Thursday 5th November 2020 the RYA has given guidance to affiliated clubs to help interpret the new legislation passed by Parliament on the 4th November.

The new legislation states that all clubs and grounds should close, however essential maintenance is permitted.

This means that NO LEISURE ACTIVITIES are permitted to take place at the club or from the club before the expected end date of 2nd December 2020.

Sailing and boating is permitted by up to two people from different households, whilst maintaining social distancing, from a public place. This is from a public slipway, public beach, public riverside etc. As the club site is not a public place, NO ONE is permitted to participate from the club.

The interpretation by the RYA is that boats may be brought ashore for essential maintenance. The club committee, interpret this as winterising engines, removing sails and equipment etc to protect them from the winter weather.

Members SHOULD NOT be on site for maintenance other than for work to directly prevent loss/damage that is likely to occur before the end of this period of lockdown.

The committee has discussed this guidance and we believe we can continue to lift out boats scheduled through November, as long as they are coming out for essential maintenance.

During lift operations, NO members are permitted on site that aren’t involved in lifting out.  That is, max 2 per boat.  Driver and banksman.  People must not linger on site when the boat is made safe.

Members are reminded that the club is CLOSED for ALL LEISURE ACTIVITIES. If on site for essential maintenance, please ensure that you maintain social distancing and current government guidance and legislation are followed at all times.

Current Government Legislation:

Stay well, with best regards from the Committee