Coast Path – We need your help

You may remember back on 16th January 2020 I published the details of the new National Coast Path and how it will affect the club. The original post is here.

The majority of the Committee believe the route chosen by Natural England will have a serious detrimental affect on the club’s current use of the land and our security. We are also supporting our landlords that are also very concerned about the path crossing their land.

On behalf of the club I have prepared the objection form below laying out the points we are objecting on. The objection form states “Only owners, tenants and occupiers of affected land may make an objection about a coastal access report.” However as members of the club, we believe every member has an equal right as an occupier to submit an objection. Alternatively there is a Form to Make a Representation about the Path.

Time is running out and we only have until 11th March to object, but we would like to encourage as many members as possible to object to the current route through the club. The alternative route would be to use the existing Saxon Shore Way, but they don’t want to use it due to the short section on the road.

The links below will take you to all the relevant documentation and blank forms. By all means copy or edit the form I have completed (I have added the text in blue) in you own name stating you are a member and joint occupier of the land at Lower Halstow Yacht Club, or use a blank form for your own thoughts.

Completed Form

All Documents and Blank forms (IGR4 covers our section)