Club Security – Ladders

There has been a recent incident at the club with unauthorised persons being challenged in the club yard.

This incident has highlighted that there are a number of ladders lying around the yard, some by boats, some even left up against boats. This is an open invitation for anyone that shouldn’t be there to have a look around on board the boats.

For the security of your own and fellow club members, please ensure ALL ladders are either taken home with you or securely locked so that the can not be used by unauthorised persons. Ladders left lying around will be removed and securely locked away.


3 Responses

  1. Roger bromley says:

    Good evening , we all have a duty to look, not only after our own equipment but to keep an eye on other peoples gear as well.So on that basis the club has a duty of care to look after its members, therefore i think that its time to update the security system and erect a fence, especially as the shore walk is imminent, This should be done asap as i can only see more problems arising, the club is in a healthy position so there really is no reason why this cannot be done.

  2. Jonathan Dodd says:

    I wholly support locking away of any ladders left lying about unsecured. We do not seem to have had much of a problem lately but I well remember a time when anything of even little value which was accessible was likely to disappear, not to mention the hassle factor of the damage from forced entry. I always remove anything easily detachable of any value and the boat is left unlocked. Azurian was ransacked once in spite of this. I think I only lost a couple of cans of two stroke (hope it oiled their car plugs) but had to repair the hatch lock and various belongings were turfed out around the boat. How many times do you want to experience this?

    I never leave fuel on board over the winter – some members may remember an arson attack on a yacht totally destroyed in the Church farm field – please don’t make life easy for these malcontents.

    Azurian was lifted out on Friday and while I have removed stuff to home I was concerned to see ladders lying around after all the reminders. I hope I do not see any more this winter!

  3. Roger
    Where do you propose a fence should go?
    Also what “walk” is imminent ?