Boat LIFT INS 3rd – 8th June 2020.

We are in a very difficult time still with the covid 19 restrictions so would advise you to visit the web-site :- LHYC Covid-19 Guidelines to see guidance from the committee put together from the Govt. and RYA.

To minimise proximity risk we are moving boats with 2 or 3 people. 1 on each side of the lift cradle wearing gloves working the winch/chain block and the nominated driver. Those working on the actual move please wear gloves. Other members to maintain the 2 mtr. social distancing when clearing/restacking boat supports when again it would be prudent to wear gloves.

The main club hut is quarantined and access push button pad number changed.

The oar store has a toilet, wash hand basin, soap etc. for members use. PLEASE bring your own wipes/kitchen towel for hand drying/sanitising. Bring a carrier so you can take all personal items home with you. PLEASE DO NOT dispose of down the toilet as we have a cess pit.

Drivers decision on the days operation is final unless responsibility delegated. Lift order/placement to be decided on the day..

Lift Schedule

OctoberWed145.3Beryl (W)JessTread softly
Thu155.7susie q (w)
Fri165.9misty rosepyewacketazureum (w)
Sat176.1johnny 5 (w)
Wed4jeddojohn hillmarie louiseEnlivensilver fox (w)
5wheatear (w)
NovFri13GL5.7Micawber (W)April Rosecolanna
Sat14DM6molly coddle (w)miss poppylady of leisureOlive
Sun15JK6.1Grim Reaper (W)Inkonk
Mon16GL6.2gloria (w)Bumblebee
Wed18LN6Broadsword (W)RhiannonCatherine 2
UpdatedUpdated 10/11/2020