Yard clean up/Members property

Hi all,

If you have been in the yard in the last few days you will have noticed members are strimming weeds and clearing up rubbish for this year’s storage ashore.

We have new and existing members bringing boats/tenders/dinghies etc. some with/on trailers into the yard. A stipulation being that they are mobile for the club to move and place as necessary. The yard master will move trailer boats onto the green or between stored boats over the storage ashore period depending on apparent usage.

Would ALL members with items on the premises please ensure you have the main boat details e.g. TT to #### and/or your membership number for identification. Items to be marked include tenders/dinghies/ any trailers/masts and spars as we appear to be getting items ‘stored’ without club approval.

We need to keep control on members property on-site so there is space for the lift outs which generate income and offset club costs.

IF you are in any doubt regarding what is allowed/not allowed/chargeable for your type of membership please contact Dave Quigley who deals with membership and all boat records.

N.B. One of the work party functions is to go through stored items. Any unmarked are moved to one side and will be held for a short time for claiming. Failure to claim will result in committee action with possible sell off or disposal.

John Knight

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