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It's great to see many of you have updated your user profile on the website to display your contact details on the Members Contact Page. I have today noticed that if you had entered a Next of kin name, it was not displaying, I just thought no one had entered anything in that field. I have resolved the original problem, it was a stupid typing error by me, however in trying to solve the problem I made some minor changes, but I have now discovered that has deleted any existing Next of kin names.

I could restore the lost names using the automatic backup taken last night, but that would wipe any changes made today and create quite a bit of extra work for me.

Can I please ask anyone that has entered details in their profile to check the details and update them as necessary.

I must apologise how long it has taken for some of the updates to appear on the Contact List. When changes are made to your profile, it is a manual process to get them into the Contact list. It would be possible to automate it, but that would involve additional cost to the club.

Initially, I couldn't find a way to get a notification when anyone had updated their profile. I have now found a method to generate an email to tell me that there has been a change.  This should mean I will be able to get any changes on the list quicker.


Dave Metcalfe

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