Storage Ashore 2018/19

Please find the currently booked lift schedule for this year. Please get your applications in as soon as possible. Lifts will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Download the Storage Ashore Form

Paper copies available in the hut.

Lift Schedule

SEPTMon1013.486DMMisty RoseBumblebee
OCTTues913.276DQCrazy Lady
Wed1014.076.1GLKia Kia
FULLThur1114.466.1GLKT2MokshaPyewacketInyangaLa PoubelleRozinante WET
Thur2513.475.8JKIna WETShearwater
Fri2614.225.9JKAzurian WETGloria WET
NOVMon510.295.8DQMarie Louise
Tues611.195.9DMJohn HillJeddoHarlequin
Sat2413KMLetheraRed Dwarf WET
Sun2513.416KMEnlivenApril Rose

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