Sophie Dawes – For Sale by sealed bids from members

You will probably have noticed Sophie Dawes sitting in the yard for some time covered in a blue tarpaulin.

Geoff Beale, her owner and former member has donated her to the club and would like her to go to a member that will continue to use her. There have been long discussions as to what she is worth, and as no one knows for certain what class she is, we can’t do any research and set a value. It had been suggested that we put her on eBay, but as Geoff’s wish was that she should go to a member, we feel the fairest way if to offer her for sale to members using a sealed bid system. Details below list what is included. With this in mind, it is felt that we should set a minimum bid of £500. The trailer alone would probably sell for near the minimum bid amount. This sealed bid auction is only open to members. If interested please post your bid, not forgetting to put your name, in a sealed envelope to:

Sophie Dawes
C/O  84 Harland Avenue,
DA15 7PQ

Please ensure your bid arrives by 25th January 2019, and any bids will be opened at the AGM.

We think Sophie Dawes maybe “Winkle Brig or Dauntless style” it has Gaff /ketch rigging with cutter fore sails in tan colour. A true ”Pocket Cruiser”
Two berth Shoal draft centre board drop keel ideal “creek crawler”
The boat has always been described as one of the prettiest boats in club!
It was carefully looked after for many years, however over last 3/4 yrs the owner “unsteady on his pins” has forced him to relinquish boat.
The Hull and deck are of GRP with wooden spars.
Road trailer is galvanised professionally made (RM Trailers) single wheel axle. Constructed in May 1992 Boat is assumed to be of similar age. (Label reads)
Engine; sails/spars are supplied – engine long shaft British seagull I think new with boat.
Sails/spars and engine stored in secure container.
Road trailer is a braked single axle (not been used on road to my knowledge for several yrs but wheels turn freely)
The tarpaulin cover has perished over the years resulting in some ingress of water to cockpit and leaking to cabin – however nothing too daunting or with a degree of DIY skills should quickly be sorted.
The galvanised centre board appears to be free and in excellent condition.

Masts, spars, sails and odds held in the tractor container of Sophie Dawes 19/12

Mizzen mast plus fittings 3.30 mtrs

Main boom with jaws plus fittings 3.20 mtrs

Boom with jaws plus fittings 2.4 mtrs

Boom with jaws and fittings 1.40 mtrs

Post with cleats 2.15 mtrs , mast crutch

Tiller, rudder, small boat hook, circular wooden item use unknown 1.13 mtrs

Seagull long shaft with clutch Q8

Souwester and Crewsaver adult lifejackets

Multiplaid anchor rope and chain

4 assorted 3 hole wooden blocks and line

2 cockpit cushions. Pair of waders

Almost new red canvas with windows touring cockpit cover in blue bag.

Green sail bag large (good condition) holding:-

2 jibs (red) with simple roller reefing good condition but fading

1 (red) mizzen good colour and condition

1 (red) topsail, part worn condition OK

1 (red) mainsail good colour and condition. Reefing points

I (red) canvas boom cover . Faded but looks good condition


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2 Responses

  1. Keith Worsdell says:

    Sophie is a lovely small boat that I feel privileged to have gained ownership of, she is only a foot longer than my previous trailer sailer, the Shipmate Snr. “SOLO”, a fine sail boat!
    I am in the process now of sorting out Sophie Dawes, and making her ready for this summer’s sailing. After some effort over several days I have got her relatively dry inside the cabin, with, hopefully, no osmosis of the internal face of the hull. Evidently fresh rainwater is worse than salt water for causing osmosis, especially when on the inside of the hull where there is no gel coat to resist the water penetrative in to the actual fibreglass!
    The fresh water being less dense than salt water, ie. the specific gravity, (S.G.)
    being lower.
    I have now had the engine running, but with no cooling flow from the impeller yet! Old seagulls engines have a rigid water pump impellor which can tolerate short runs with no water, whereas most current and many other makes of outboard engine have rubber vained impellers which do not like even a few seconds of being run dry, as it soon heats up the dry rubber tips of the impellor and ruins it, please be warned, if you are not already aware of this!
    Best regards and fine sailing this year to all members of LHYC
    Keith Worsdell

  2. Ash faire Ring says:

    I am pretty sure that she is a 1997 norfolk oyster hull fitted out with a cabin.