Password Resets

A few members have been unable to reset their passwords on the club website using the "lost you password" link. It seems that some email providers treat the Password Reset email as SPAM. I have been able  to reproduce this on my Gmail account and found the email in my SPAM folder.

I had hoped to be able to change the header of the email to make it more like a personal email and not SPAM, but it is currently beating me.

To get to your SPAM folder you will need to login to your email through a webpage. On Gmail it wasn't that obvious. On the left of the screen were some icons, which when you hover over them open up into a folder list. Slide down the list and there was a "More" option that displayed more folders including SPAM. Open the SPAM folder and mark any emails from: Lower Halstow Yacht Club as Not Spam. That should then move them into your normal inbox.

If you have any problems, let me know and I will set a temporary password for you.


Dave Metcalfe

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