Parking during this weekends lift in

A message from John Knight

Hi all, please be aware for Easter weekend we will lift in 21 boats and lift out 1 so from around 4 hours before HW and 1 hour after the tractor/trailer and slip will be busy.

There are specifically 6 on Thursday, 6 on Friday, 5 on Saturday and 5 Sunday from all different parts of the yard. Current lists of boat names @ the top of the slip display board and display cabinet in the hut.

The weather is reported to be improving so we expect the yard to be busy. For those who are not aware the cradles need a large turning area and clear lead in.

There are at least 5 parking spaces available on the drive in on the left before the bosuns locker. Check before you try but 4 X 4s could be OK on the right.

Please check with the tractor driver/banksman in orange waistcoats where to park so we don’t need to move you.

If you are going off for 12 hours or more in your boat perhaps you can leave a key.

Please contact me should you have a query. John 01795 843136.


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