Notices to Mariners Weeks 26

Notices to Mariners Week 26 – Notices to Mariners for the Southern East Coast of the UK and across to France, Belgium and part of Holland

UKHO Permanent/Preliminary and Temporary and Trinity House

1. East Coast Of England – Thames Estuary – Mouse Channel – S. W. Barrow Lighted Buoy – Trinity House notice – The SW Barrow Buoy has been moved approximately 380m to the south west to relocate to line up with Barrow No 13 buoy and south of the 5m contour. See the image on the usual page on these and local notices:
2. New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts published 11 July 2019: Chart 1975 England – East Coast, Thames Estuary, Northern Part., Chart 2052 – International Chart Series, England – East Coast, Orford Ness to The Naze., Chart 2692 England – East Coast, Sunk Inner Precautionary Area. Chart 1975 is one of the primary charts which feeds Imray charts and other chart plotter software. The local UKHO manager had been trying to include the SW Sunk swatchway changes (the small move to the NE). There hasn’t been a NtM so perhaps it has been included in the new chart edition which should eventually get copied by the chart plotter people. The Sw Barrow move would not have been included in time I reckon.
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – Two reductions of depths on the North Falls Bank in the outer Estuary but at over 8m should not hinder leisure craft.
4. ENGLAND – East Coast – NM Blocks. – Sheerness Docks – There are three UKHO blocks, one each for chart affected. All three are available for download.
5. BELGIUM – Light. – This changes the MOW4 light characteristics from Fl(4)20s to Fl(50 20s. The Yellow colour was discontinued in week 12 vide Notice 1373. Once it was Fl(4) Y 20s, then Fl(4) 20s and now it it Fl(5) 20s!
6. BELGIUM – Platform. Buoyage. – The NEMOS scientific research platform marked by special light buoys is just north of the eastern side of the Ostend Harbour entrance. Image available of course.


1. Approaches to Burnham Fairway – Temporary Repositioning of 8 Knot Speed Limit Marker Buoys – Wallasea [CROSSRAIL] Commercial Jetty in approximate position: 051˚ 37.041N – 000˚ 50.800E is scheduled to be decommissioned and removed, including the extraction of linked mooring piles. River works associated with this project are programmed to commence on Monday July 01st 2019 and continue for between 4 and 5 weeks. During the assignment a large crane barge ‘Forth Atlas’ and tug will be stationed at this location.
In preparation and for the duration of the works the eastern boundary of the 8 knot maximum speed limit area has been moved East to a position in the vicinity of the ‘HORSE SHOAL’ Cardinal [N] light buoy. The two yellow unlit 8 knot speed limit marker buoys currently positioned East of the Burnham Fairway have consequently been moved as follows:
Buoy 1) Original Position 051˚ 37.293N – 000˚ 49.885E
New Temporary Position 051˚ 37.220N – 000˚ 51.426E
Buoy 2) Original Position 051˚ 37.192N – 000˚49.905E
New Temporary Position 051˚ 37.060N – 000˚ 51.500E
All vessels navigating in the vicinity and passing the operation are requested to do so at a safe distance and with minimum wash and at a speed no greater than 8 knots.
Upon completion of these works the original boundary of speed restriction zone will be reinstated and the yellow marker buoys returned to their original positions.
2. Port of Wells – dredging.
3. Havengore Bridge Update – contractors will be on site next Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 June to repair the faulty seal. Assuming that the repair is successful and the bridge passes subsequent test lifts, they aim to re-open to marine traffic on Friday 21 June.
4. Approaches to King’s Lynn – Disposal Area: Limit Buoyage – on or about 19th June 2019 two yellow special mark light buoys will be deployed as follows to indicate the western limits for the disposal area in preparation for the upcoming dredging operations at ABP King’s Lynn Docks. a: “SGNW”, position, 52° 50.615’N, 00° 21.160’E, Fl Y 5s: b: “SGW”, position, 52° 50.360’N, 00° 21.270’E, Fl Y 10s

Link to details –

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary


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