Notices to Mariners Weeks 20-24

Notices to Mariners Week 20-24 – Notices to Mariners for the Southern East Coast of the UK and across to France, Belgium and part of Holland

Apologies for the delay in posting these. Mainly due to being away sailing to Holland and then a weeks holiday.

Week 20

UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary Notices

ENGLAND - East Coast - Mooring buoy. Foul - River Thames - New ship’s mooring in lieu of an old ‘FOUL’ on the south side of the Thames between Shornmead and Denton.


1. River Thames - GRAVESEND REACH TILBURY2 TUBULAR PILE INSTALLATION - Further works on the Tilbury 2 development will commence early May 2019 and will consist of 89 Tubular piles installations split into 3 main areas CMAT, RORO plus the Linkspan restraint piles. The Tubular piles will be driven into the river bed utilising NEPTUNE a 75m flat top barge NP385 equipped with a 320T crawler crane to assist with lifting operations. A second 250T Crawler crane will be utilised on the existing jetty with two transfer & storage barges NP429 & NP488. All barge movements will be carried out by the multi-cat vessel SEADOG. A safety boat EOL 1 will also be in attendance.
2. GRAVESEND REACH TILBURY2 SHEET WALL PILING & LIFTING OPERATIONS - Further works on the Tilbury 2 development will commence on the week beginning the 18th March 2019 and will consist of 325m of sheet wall being piled. This will form a new retaining wall as part of the new CMAT berth on the downstream end of the former Tilbury Power Station berth.
The piles will be driven into the river bed utilising a 75m flat top barge equipped with a 320T crawler crane to assist with lifting operations. A second flat top barge will be utilised to assist in the storage of materials adjacent to the crane barge. All barge movements will be carried out by the multi-cat vessel SEADOG. A safety boat will also be in attendance.
All vessels involved with the works will maintain a continuous listening watch on VHF Channel 68. At times International Code flags “Romeo Yankee” will be exhibited in conjunction with a “Proceed with Caution” being broadcast by London VTS. Works are expected to last until late May 2019.
3. ROCHESTER - BRIDGE REACH - ROCHESTER NEW ROAD BRIDGE: RE-FURBISHMENT WORKS & SPAN CLOSURES. - NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that major engineering refurbishment works are scheduled to begin on or around 8th May 2019 and are due to continue for a period of 18 months on the Rochester New Road Bridge. It is intended to carry out the work in 3 main phases:

Phase 1: Strood & Old Ship Passage Spans – gap between New and Old Road bridges to have safety netting fitted and hanging scaffolding fitted until works complete then removed. Span closure required Phase 2: Rochester Span - hanging scaffolding fitted until works complete then removed. Span closure required. Phase 3: Main Span – works to be carried out in two parts so that half of the span remains open to navigation. Hanging scaffolding fitted until works complete then removed. Headroom reduced under the area scaffolded. Phase 1 is due to commence on or around 8th May 2019 and last for approximately 4 months. A long NtM. I would suggest anyone goes to Temporary List and see the image and details
4. Sunken Buxey Lighted Buoy – River Crouch - has been reported off station.
5. Ipswich - Dragon Boat Racing Saturday 1st June 2019 Wet Dock - a Dragon Boat Racing event in Ipswich Wet Dock on Saturday 1st June 2019 taking place between the hours of :- 1000hrs ~ 1600hrs. An area approx. 150m in length parallel to Orwell Quay and around 25m from Orwell Quay is the designated Racing Area, this will be marked by yellow buoys with flags marking the North and South extremities with a rope line joining them together . All vessels Navigating within the Wet Dock to and from Ipswich Lock are requested to keep to the West of the Marker Buoys and not to enter the Dragon Boat Racing Zone. Further details are available from Orwell Navigation Service, callsign Ipswich Port Radio on VHF CH 68.
6. Port of Wells - dredging

There is a new NtM for Blakeney but the website isn't working completely this morning. They are attending to that. And yesterday Plum and I could see some 'big stuff' in the London Array. Checking on them I think the Foulger's Gat work might still be working there. It isn't closed but restricted. Bear in mind we didn't go close enough to see exactly where it was so best up a LAL vessel and enquire. We noted two yachts used the SW Sunk yesterday coming down from Harwich direction.

Week 21

UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary

1. ENGLAND - South East Coast - Depths. - Two reduced depths at and close to the SW Goodwin. Both exceed 9m of water CD so leisure craft will not be hindered.
2. ENGLAND - South Coast - NM Block. Restricted areas. Buoyage. - Dover Harbour - A new UKHO block and additional detail beyond the area of the block. The first image is the block, the second shows the extended restricted area and buoyage changes. See for images and details.
3. ENGLAND - East Coast - Buoyage. - The Wash - A change of the designations for the buoyage for the Holbeach Firing Range. Note some of the buoy designation is covered by the image for NtM 1847.


1. RIVER MEDWAY- SHEERNESS HARBOUR – SHEERNESS DOCKS – NEW “ROYAL BRIDGE” PONTOON – NAVIGATION LIGHTS - the Retracting RoRo Pontoon between Sheerness No. 1 & No. 2 berths known as the “Royal Bridge” has been replaced with a new Fixed RoRo Pontoon. The existing navigation lights consisting of 2 Fixed red lights in a vertical line in position: 51°26.58’N 000° 44.59’E has been removed and replaced by 2 sets of 2 Fixed red lights in a vertical line marking the upstream and downstream corners that extend out into the River Medway of the new fixed pontoon, as this extends approximately 10m further out from the berth frontage than the old pontoon. The images and positions can be found on the above page in the Temporary List.
2. Port of Wells - dredging.
3. Blakeney Harbour Entrance - entering Blakeney Harbour should note that significant changes are currently occurring at the harbour entrance. Mariners should note the aerial photo (the same page in the Temporary List) of the harbour entrance looking North at LW, taken on May 5th 2019. If the photo is expanded, harbour entrance buoys number 1, 2, and 3 are marked.
Vessels should pass close to Harbour Entrance buoy number 1 (starboard) and continue heading SE for approx 50M before turning SW to Harbour Entrance buoy number 2 (starboard). This buoy should be passed closely either to port or to starboard and then head directly towards Harbour Entrance buoy number 3 (starboard), and onward following the buoys heading South.
We are closely monitoring changes in this area and will keep Mariners advised of further changes as they occur. Mariners entering the harbour for the first time are strongly advised to seek pilotage information by phoning 07771597985.

Week 22

UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary

1. New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts published 30 May 2019 - Chart 323 International Chart Series, Dover Strait, Eastern Part and Chart 1828 International Chart Series, England - South-East Coast, Dover to North Foreland & Ramsgate.
2. ENGLAND - East Coast - Shellfish bed. Legend - The creation of this new Oyster Bed was subject of a recent temporary notice on the south side of Mersea Island. This is not a common anchorage so will not hinder leisure craft. - Image on
3. ENGLAND - East Coast - Depth. - One reduction of depth right on the northern edge of the Yantlet Channel, River Thames. At 13+m, unlikely to hinder leisure craft.
4. ENGLAND - East Coast - Buoy. - Deletion of the yellow special buoy just outside the north-west corner of the Kentish Flats Windfarm.
5. BELGIUM - Works. Wind farm. Buoyage. - This is the construction area for the new Mermaid Windfarm which is located north of the existing Belwind Wind Farm. It is adjacent south of the North Hinder Junction and it should be noted that it is now a not-permitted area.


1. GRAVESEND REACH TILBURY2 MARINE WORKS - This notice supersedes L18 and L17 of 2019 - Numerous marine works are underway as part of the TILBURY2 development. Current activities and activities due to commence shortly are summarised below. PILING WORKS (Underway and due for completion in October 2019), WATER INJECTION DREDGING (Due to commence on 18th May 2019), TRAILER HOPPER SUCTION DREDGING (Due to commence on 7th June 2019) - see full details and image in the Temporary List on the above page.
2. Harwich Approaches - Temporary Buoy Move - on or about the 20th May 2019, to facilitate maintenance dredging, Harwich No.1 Buoy will be moved approximately 200 metres to the east north east of its charted position. On completion of the dredging the buoy will be re-instated in its normal charted position.
3. Harwich Approaches Maintenance dredging – deep water channel - on or about the 18th May 2019 the trailer suction dredger HAM 316 will commence maintenance dredging of the Harwich approaches on the eastern side of the channel between the Walker Buoy and South Shipwash Buoy for approximately 3 days. Material will be disposed of to the Inner Gabbard East disposal site.
Also advised that the trailer suction dredger HAM 316 will then commence maintenance dredging of the Harwich main approach channel edges in the vicinity of No.1 and No.2 Buoys for approximately 2 days. Material from these areas will be disposed to the Harwich Haven disposal site.
4. RIVER MEDWAY – CHATHAM – SHORT REACH – HOO NESS YACHT CLUB SLIPWAY - between 13th May 2019 and 28th June 2019 construction and improvement works will take place to the slipway belonging to Hoo Ness Yacht Club which is situated between Port Werburgh and Port Werburgh Marina (formerly Hoo Marina). The work consists of the removal of the existing shingle and hardcore slipway replacing it with a new clean hardcore base which will support a new reinforced concrete slipway that will be joined to the existing concrete slipway. Works will be carried out over the three hours either side of the daytime low water when the slipway is accessible above the tide mark. The slipway is located in approximate position: 51° 24.67’ N 000° 33.60’ E
These works do not involve any hazard to navigation due to the location of the slipway. Mariners are advised to keep clear of the area throughout this period due to unseen obstructions that may be present below the waterline during the construction of the reinforced concrete that may reduce the depth of safe water available and which could cause damage to craft
5. RIVER MEDWAY – SALTPAN REACH - GRAIN LNG - JETTIES NOS. 8 & 10 – DIVING OPERATIONS - Fire Pump Maintenance Works are due to take place behind and under Grain LNG, Jetties No. 8 & 10, involving diving operations. These will commence Tuesday 21st May 2019 for a period of approximately 10 days. The jetties are centred in the following approximate positions:
Terminal No.8: 51° 25.93’ N 000° 42.18’ E Terminal No.10: 51° 25.94’ N 000° 42.54’ E. Divers will be working on and below the waterline from the Crane-barge “Renate II”, with the workboat “Avocet” in attendance. “Avocet” will be at all times monitoring VHF Channel 74. In addition, a fast RHIB/ tender will be deployed as a guard vessel in order to slow down, warn and intercept any craft passing too close. “Renate II” will display the International Code of Signals Flag “A” at all times that divers are in the water. International Code of Signals flags, “RY”,will be displayed at the jetty head and Mariners are advised to slow down, make minimum wash and maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 74, navigating with caution and keeping well clear of the 150m exclusion zones when passing Grain LNG Terminal (Medway Notice to Mariners 02 -2019 refers).
6. LOWESTOFT – TRANSITS OF UNMANNED SURFACE VESSEL - FOR SURVEY OPERATIONS OFF THE NORFOLK COAST - hydrographic survey operations, off the Norfolk Coast, are scheduled to commence on the evening of 17th May 2019. These will be conducted using one or two unmanned surface vessels (USV’s) “X-O2B” and “X-03”, operated by ‘XOcean’, which will be remotely controlled by a USV ‘Pilot’. The vessels are capable of working 24/7. The USV’s have AIS, Navigation lights a radar reflector and are painted Yellow. The duration of the survey work is approximately 2 weeks and is subject to favourable weather conditions. The vessels will transit to and from the survey area from the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Marina in Lowestoft Outer Harbour area. When transiting Harbour areas the USV’s will be escorted by the “PROTEUS” or the “POSIEDON” acting as Safety Boat. The Safety Boat will be monitoring VHF Ch14 during Harbour transits.
7. Port of Wells - dredging;
8. Blakeney Harbour - Vessels entering Blakeney Harbour should note that a temporary green buff buoy (unlit) has been positioned today between Harbour Entrance buoys numbers 1 and 2, to mark the Eastern end of a new sand spit. This buoy is positioned as follows: N 52°58.858’. E 000°58.276’. After passing the starboard Harbour Entrance buoy number 1, vessels should pass close to this buoy (leaving it to starboard), and then turn and head for the starboard Harbour Entrance buoy number 2.
9. FIREWORK DISPLAYS - BROADSTAIRS HARBOUR - Firework Displays will take place from the Viking Bay Beach on:
Wednesday 17th July
Wednesday 24th July
Wednesday 21st August
Fireworks firing between 21:45 & 22:00 hrs
End of event 22:30 hrs
Tuesday 5th November - End of event 21:30 hrs
10. RAMSGATE NO. 6 BUOY - (51˚.19.46N - 001˚25.91E) - the issue with Ramsgate No. 6 buoy has been resolved and is now showing correct flash rate.

Week 23

UKHO Permanent/Preliminary/Temporary

1. New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts published 6th June 2019 - Chart 1183 International Chart Series, England - East Coast, Thames Estuary. 1:100,000 - Includes changes to depths from the latest Port of London Authority and British Government Surveys.

2. NETHERLANDS - Buoyage. - changes to buoyage have occurred in the Deurloo and Geul van de Rassen channels. Details and Image at


1. LOWESTOFT - BOREHOLE OPERATIONS - two boreholes will be drilled in Lake Lothing between 15th May and 31st May 2019. A jackup barge will be mobilised from Shell Quay from 13th May 2019 - Image at the above page in the Temporary List;

2. Port of Wells - dredging;

3. London Array Wind Farm - A short term 500-meter exclusion zone has been implemented around C17 - (51° 37.132'N 01° 25.641'E) this location stands in the Foulgers Gat channel and a wide approach is requested. I have added an image showing the location of the turbine in the above page in the temporary list.

Week 24

UKHO Permanent/Preliminary/Temporary

1 Temp, one Prelim.

1. ENGLAND - East Coast - Offshore installation. Works. - Outfall installation and beach nourishment works are taking place in the area defined is from Bacton south towards Happisburgh. Image at
2. BELGIUM - Works. Wind farm. Buoyage. - Works are in progress to establish the Seastar Wind farm - The construction area for the new Seastar Wind Farm lies between the Belwind, Borssele and Rentel Wind Farms effectively bans us from a large part of Belgium waters. But perhaps not an area we would pass.
3. New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts published 27 June 2019 - Chart 116 International Chart Series, Netherlands, Approaches to Westerschelde. 1:30,000
A Vlissingen. 1:20,000
B Breskens. 1:20,000 - Includes changes to depths, aids to navigation, coastline and submarine cables. Published jointly by the UKHO and by the Hydrographer of the Royal Netherlands Navy.


1. GRAVESEND REACH FLOODGATE REPLACEMENT WORKS GRAVESEND CANAL BASIN - Works that started on 12th November 2018 for the in-channel flood gate replacement works, will continue on the lock for Gravesend Canal Basin until the end of August 2019. The majority of the works will take place at low tide with a temporary cofferdam being installed. For this reasons a ‘Proceed with Caution’ will be issued by London VTS on VHF Channel 68 asking passing vessels to minimise their wash. Navigation through the lock will be managed by the on-site team on an ad-hoc basis
2. HALFWAY REACH FISHERIES RESEARCH HALFWAY ANCHORAGE & SOUTHERN OUTFALL JETTY - In June, August and October 2019 the ‘Zoological Society London’ will be carrying out fisheries research in conjunction with the Environment Agency to update statistics gathered in previous surveys in 1987 and 2011. The research will be carried out by deploying three FYKE nets in the vicinity of the Southern Outfall Jetty and Halfway Anchorage. The nets will be deployed subject to tidal conditions for approximately 24 hours at a time within the following dates:
3rd June – 14th June 19th August – 30th August 14th October – 25th October
London VTS will broadcast when the nets have been deployed as anchoring in Halfway Anchorage will not be possible at these times. The nets will not impede the main navigational channel.
The nets will sit on the river bed with a height of approximately 50cm and marked with temporary buoys to indicate their position. The nets will be anchored in position to align with the tidal flow at a length of up to 75m. The Environment Agency’s boat ROKER (a 6m aluminium, rigid buoyance workboat) will be in attendance at times to deploy and recover the nets. ROKER will be listening on VHF Channel 14 throughout their operations Images on the above page on the Temporary List.
3. Harwich Haven – Harwich International Port - Dredging operations using backhoe and water injection dredging at the eastern end of Parkeston Quay - on or about the 31st May 2019 pre-construction dredging operations will commence at the eastern end of Parkeston Quay. The vessels involved with this operation will be the water injection dredger Doomhamer and the tug Dutch Pioneer (towing the split hopper barge B1002). The backhoe operation at the Parkeston Quay site will be performed from the flattop barge GPS Boxer. The barge B1002 will be towed between the dredge site at Harwich International Port and the ‘Inner Gabbard East’ disposal site (TH056). This dredging operation is expected to last for a period of approximately 2 weeks.
All vessels are required to pass the dredge site with caution. Detailed vessel movements can be obtained from Harwich VTS on VHF Channel 71.
4. Approaches to King’s Lynn - Re-instatement of Light Beacon “Charlie” - replacement lighted beacon “Charlie” has been established in position 52° 48.759’ N, 000° 21.138’E. - The beacon is coloured yellow with a yellow cone topmark. The light character is: Yellow, 3 flashes every 10 seconds, height of light at 10.5m above dock sill.
This beacon is erected upon the western stone training wall which dries to a minimum of 4.0m above dock sill and extends in a southerly direction from West Stones Beacon (52° 49.697’N 000°21.131’E) to Kings Lynn and all craft should avoid crossing the Wall in the vicinity of any beacon.

Mariners are reminded of NtM No.1/2019 and are asked to note it is an offence to damage any Aid to Navigation and are also liable for all costs associated with making good any damage. !!!
5. NATIVE OYSTER RESTORATION – SPAT COLLECTOR FRAMES & MARKER BUOYS, WEST MERSEA - In June, works will continue for the Essex native oyster restoration project within a defined restoration box, of which the north-west corner is located approximately 500m offshore to the south-east of West Mersea (hereafter referred to as the ‘Restoration Box’). The Restoration Box is approximately 2000m (west to east) by 1000m (north to south) (demarcated by red line on chart below). The works will include the deployment of six spat collectors. These are A-frame structures that are approximately 1 metre wide, 2.4 metres long and 1.2 metres tall. The location of the spat collectors will be marked by six yellow marker buoys with a flashing yellow light. The total area will be approximately 100m x 120m. The works will be carried out from the vessel ‘Jean T’ (17m x 5m).
The deployment of the spat collectors is dependent on water temperatures. The works are anticipated to start 6th June 2019 or soon thereafter. It is anticipated that the installation works will be complete before 31st July 2019. During the works, mariners are requested to keep clear and avoid any unnecessary wash. On completion of the works, the six spat collectors and six marker buoys will remain on the seabed in the Restoration Box. Mariners are therefore requested to be mindful of these underwater structures in this location. Images on the above page in the Temporary List. Details in the list.

Havengore Bridge is reported open. Wells is not reported dredging.

Link to details -

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary


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