Notices to Mariners Week 47 – Notices to Mariners for the Southern East Coast of the UK and across to France, Belgium and part of Holland


Notices to Mariners Week 47 – Notices to Mariners for the Southern East Coast of the UK and across to France, Belgium and part of Holland

UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary

1. BELGIUM - Wind farm. Restricted area. Wind turbines. - The Rentel wind farm has been established, within a restricted area, entry prohibited, bounded by charted limits and limits. This notice showing the limits of the Rental Wind Farm which is between the Northwind and Thorntonbank Wind Farms. Being in Belgium waters, the area is prohibited to be entered. The notice also shows the SPS (Significant Peripheral Structure) and IPS (Intermediate Peripheral Structures) turbines (i.e. the turbines marked by light). Other turbines are not included. I have drawn up an image should the limits, positions of turbines and the SPS and IPS markings. See:
2. ENGLAND - East Coast - Depths. - Two new reduced depths on the east edge of the North Caister Shoal. The image shows those two positions. Note that there a dots marking previous NtM reduced depths which relate to NtMs 1364 and 2380(P) this year. A supplementary image shows those additional reductions for your convenience. See the same page for the images;
3. ENGLAND - East Coast - Fouls. Buoyage. - This is a repeat of the local Kings Lynn Conservancy Board NtM No 26 of 2018 in week 44, thereby incorporating the changes in UKHO charts. Two new danger buoys in the Wash. Usual image available;
4. ENGLAND - East Coast - Depths. - Continuation of the changes on the Suffolk/Norfolk sands - One reduction of depth on the Holm Sand off Lowestoft.
5. ENGLAND - East Coast - NM Blocks. - This notice provides two UKHO blocks revising the Chart Sources, particularly for the North Edinburgh, Princes and Knock John Channels. It will be interesting to see the next edition of Chart 1607 to see what the North Edinburgh Channel looks like. I recall the dredging of the Princes Channel used the Edinburgh for some of the disposal;
6. ENGLAND - East Coast - Wreck. - This wreck was notified in NtM 4384 as at 27m. This is now changed to 39m. The wreck is south of the Greater Gabbard Wind Farm.


1. FLOODGATE REPLACEMENT WORKS GRAVESEND CANAL BASIN - Starting on 12th November 2018 in-channel flood gate replacement works will commence on the lock for the Gravesend Canal Basin. The majority of the works will take place at low tide with a temporary cofferdam being installed. For this reasons a ‘Proceed with Caution’ will be issued by London VTS on VHF Channel 68 asking passing vessels to minimise their wash. Navigation through the lock will be managed by the on-site team on an ad-hoc basis. Works are expected to last for approximately 12 weeks.
2. LIMEHOUSE REACH - TEMPORARY BARGE MOORING - on or about 14 November 2018 contractors working on behalf of the Tideway Tunnel Project will lay an additional temporary barge mooring off Deptford Wharf. The PLA vessel LONDON TITAN will lay a barge mooring in a position south of the channel as indicated in red on the chartlet in the Temporary List on the above page. The barge mooring will be laid as a tier marked by unlit Admiralty class buoys at each end and identified as Deptford Strand Barge Moorings. It is anticipated this tier will be in place for the duration of the Tideway Tunnel workings. The installation works will be supported by DRIFTWOOD and other PLA craft. Vessels are requested to be mindful of the nature of the works, their wash when passing the works and to pass at a safe distance.
3. Harwich Harbour Maintenance dredging – Harwich Haven berths and approaches - on or about the 12th June 2018 (I am sure they mean November!image:

) the plough dredger FORTH DRUMMER will commence maintenance dredging of the Harwich Haven berths and approaches for a period of approximately 16 days. Also on or about the 14th June 2018 the trailer suction dredger BARENT ZANEN will commence maintenance dredging of the Harwich Haven berths and approaches for a period of approximately 14 days. Survey work in regard to the dredging operations will be conducted by the vessel SHAMROCK. Material from these areas will be disposed to the new (No details) Harwich Haven disposal site.
4. Brightlingsea - Personal Water/Small Craft Pontoon - there is an update. See details on the Temporary List on:
5. NOTIFICATION OF DREDGING ACTIVITIES LOWESTOFT HARBOUR - Vessel UKD ORCA – Due at Lowestoft on or around 13/11/18. Expected duration of works: 3 days. Normal working hours: 24hr Vessel UKD Sealion – Due at Lowestoft on or around 27/11/18. Expected duration of works: 2 days. Normal working hours: 0700-1900hrs - The dredgers will be working in both Lowestoft Inner and Outer Harbour areas. They will display lights and shapes for dredging activities as prescribed in the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. The vessels will maintain a listening watch on VHF Ch 14. Vessel movements will be co-ordinated via Lowestoft Port Control. Mariners and Port Users are requested to afford the dredgers a wide berth while they are undertaking dredging operations;
6. Approaches to King’s Lynn. - UKD “Cherry Sand” Dredging Disposal West Stones Disposal site HU143. - from the pm tide 20TH November 2018 for approximately 10 days UKD Vessel “Cherry Sand” will be carrying out maintenance dredging for the safety of shipping within the enclosed Docks King’s Lynn. Each operational tide the “Cherry Sand” will depart King’s Lynn Docks 1 hour to High water and proceed to the disposal area in the vicinity of the West Stones Beacon (52° 49.7’N 000° 21.1’E). The disposal area is marked by 2 Yellow marker buoys;-  North Buoy Fl.Y.5s 52°50.615’N 000°21.190’E.  South Buoy Fl.Y.10s 52°50.360’N 000°21.300’E. Discharge will be carried out at approximately High Water followed by return to King’s Lynn Docks about 30 minutes after high water. Mariners are requested to keep clear when the vessel is arriving and departing the Docks and on the disposal area as the vessel will be restricted in its ability to manoeuvre, and to navigate with caution whilst these works are taking place.
7. London Array Wind Farm advises the start of the works described last week was postponed until yesterday owing to weather.

Link to details -

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary


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