Notices to Mariners Week 46

UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary

A Belgium/Netherlands Wind Farm benefit this week!

1. BELGIUM – Submarine power cable. – New power cable (partially) to the Rentel Wind Farm. The power cable to the Norther Wind Farm which was reported in week 44, NtM 5551 is include in part of the image. (Usual page: )
2. BELGIUM – Submarine power cable. – A preliminary notice showing an extension of the power cable from the previous NtM at the Rentel Wind Farm down to the shore. This new cable runs alongside the cable from the Norther Wind Farm (shown in black).
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depth. – On reduction of depth on the west side of the Holm Sand (north of Lowestoft).
4. NETHERLANDS – Buoyage. – The buoyage in the Deurloo Channel (off the Walcheren coast heading south to Vlissingen) has been temporarily lifted.
5. NORTH SEA – Netherlands Sector – Precautionary areas. Restricted areas. – This notice are only dealing with Chart 110 as other chart changes have already notified the prohibited area of the Borssele Wind Farm. The image repeats the defined prohibited area and includes the location of the new cardinal buoys in the vicinity already notified by NtM 5443. Note there is a Borselle Wind Farm passage. The original plan was provide for such passage including recreational vessels between Belgium and England and you can note the prohibited area both north and south ends has a gap for the passage. Vessels up to 24m may use the passage.


1. River Crouch – Whitaker No 7 Lighted Buoy, River Crouch – 51˚ 39.540’N, 001˚ 02.000’E is unlit.
2. Ray Sand – Raysand Middle Unlighted Buoy, River Crouch – the Raysand Middle unlighted Buoy is out of position to the North of its charted position – 51˚ 40.000’N, 000˚ 59.000’E – and should not be used for safe navigation. The buoy will be replaced as and when it is practicable for the Authority to do so.
3. Port of Wells Dredging
4. Blakeney Harbour – the following buoys have been repositioned: HARBOUR ENTRANCE PORT NO.5 BUOY, New position: N 52° 58.732’, E 000° 57.552’,
CHANNEL MARKER STARBOARD NO. 6 BUOY, New position: N 52° 58.649’, E 000° 57.337’
5. There is a Winter chartlet for the Kentish River Stour Estuary published by the Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners. There is a download link in the Temporary List on the above CTTE website.

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary


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