Notices to Mariners Week 38 – Notices to Mariners for the Southern East Coast of the UK and across to France, Belgium and part of Holland

UKHO Permanent/Preliminary/Temporary

1.ENGLAND – South Coast – NM Block. Depths. – Changes of depths both sides of the Dover harbour: a UKHO Block for the western side and a CTTE image for the eastern side. Only one relevant depth change for leisure craft just in the ‘Works in Progress restricted area’. Images of course on the above page.
2. NETHERLANDS – NM Block. – A UKHO block covering the Nature Reserve area just off the Westhoofd coast.
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – Buoyage. Pilot boarding place. – Seven buoy moves for the Corton and Holm Sands in confirmation of Trinity House NtM No 15 of 2018 which I displayed in week 35. The image includes reduced soundings already reported vide NtoM Nos 272, 2380(P) and 4128. The one addition is a change of position of the Lowestoft Inner Pilot boarding place.


1. Week 39 – Port of Wells – dredging!!!!
2. Week 38 – Trinity House – THAMES ESTUARY – MAPLIN LIGHTED BUOY – Topmark permanently withdrawn.
3. SWALE – QUEENBOROUGH HARBOUR & LODEN HOPE Lifting of Commercial Moorings and Laying of New Yacht Moorings – works in Queenborough Harbour to lift the existing commercial moorings (Queenborough No.1 to No.4 bouys) and lay new yacht moorings at Queenborough Harbour and Loden Hope – Should have finished now but there are some useful images on the usual page in the Temporary List;
4. Ipswich Lock will be closed for all vessels during Friday 21st September from 0001hrs ~ 0700hrs. There is a possibility that works could be completed earlier than expected, please contact Orwell Navigation Service on VHF CH 68 for the latest information;
5. LOWESTOFT APPROACHES/SOUTH ROADS – OCRDA AQUA ADRENALINE TOUR POWERBOAT RACES – will take place in Lowestoft South Roads on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September 2018. Weather permitting racing will take place between 1100 & 1400 on the 22nd and 1100 to 1500 on the 23rd. All vessels are requested to keep clear of Lowestoft South Roads over these periods and to keep at least 25 metres away from the course lines of the race circuit. The course will be marked by seven racing marks. These marks are shown on accompanying chart on the Temporary List. Unfortunately the Notice has used a chart plotter (they are usually poor quality!
I may substitute something later!

6. Approaches to Kings Lynn – Light Beacon“Charlie” – lighted beacon “Charlie” has collapsed. The area of the beacon is to be considered a Foul Area and all craft must keep well clear of the above position.
Salvage operations was scheduled to commence 11th September 2018 and decisions regarding future replacement will be made after due consultations. I have added an image showing the position on the Temporary List.


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