Notices to Mariners Week 31

Notices to Mariners Week 31 – Notices to Mariners for the Southern East Coast of the UK and across to France, Belgium and part of Holland

UKHO Permanent/Preliminary/Temporary

1. New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts published 01 August 2019 - Chart 1610 - East Coast, Approaches to the Thames Estuary. New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts published 15 August 2019 - Chart 1606 England - East Coast, Thames Estuary, Fisherman's Gat to Princes Channel; Chart 1607 - International Chart Series, England - East Coast, Thames Estuary, Southern Part (important that one); Chart 1609 England - East Coast, Thames Estuary, Knock John Channel to Sea Reach.
2. ENGLAND - East Coast - Depths. - One small reduction of depth in the Thames Channel in Woolwich Reach east of the Barrier. At 5m, will not hinder leisure craft.
3. ENGLAND - East Coast - Depths. - One small reduction of depth just north of the Thames channel off Tilburyness. Unlikely to hinder leisure craft.

Local - loads and loads.

1. GRAVESEND REACH TILBURY2 MARINE WORKS This notice supersedes L26 of 2019 and an earlier series of updaters: Work continues on the development of two new RoRo berths and a CMAT berth on the former Tilbury Power Station Jetty site. See detail and image on: in the Temporary List.
2. WOOLWICH REACH THAMES REFINERY INNER JETTY PARTIAL DECONSTRUCTION WORKS - On or about 29th July 2019, contractors working on behalf of Tate & Lyle will be undertaking deconstruction works at Thames Refinery Inner Jetty for approximately 4 weeks. The works will be undertaken from the crane barge ‘DAVE GIBSON’. The chartlet depicts the location of the works and the limits of the navigation exclusion zone defined by the red boxed area and can be found and downloaded from the above web page. Only vessels engaged in the works may enter the exclusion zone. London VTS will broadcast requests for vessels to “proceed with caution” or “proceed at slow speed”, as described in Permanent Notices to Mariners 4 of 2014 as required by the works. International Code Flags “Romeo Yankee” will be displayed when this is in effect. Further details will be broadcast by London VTS on VHF Channel 14.
3. Harwich Maritime Festival Berthing arrangements for Ha’penny Pier pontoons Saturday 27th July 2019 - Mariners should note that in order to maximise the number of vessels accommodated on the Ha’penny Pier pontoons on the day of the Harwich Maritime Festival, Saturday 27 July we are asking all visiting vessels to make visual contact with the on duty Pier Masters before entering the inner pontoon entrance. If a space is available, the Pier Masters will direct vessels to an allocated berthing position - see the additional instructions in the Temporary List in the above quoted page.
4. River Medway - CHANGES TO NAVIGATION MARKS - The following Navigation Mark has been discontinued: Aid: N16410 Blackstakes Racing Marker, Type, Character: Unlighted Buoy | Can Y, Position - Latitude : 051 ° 25.566 N - Longitude: 000 ° 42.805 E Datum: WGS84 Location: Saltpan Reach
5. RIVER MEDWAY – MEDWAY APPROACH CHANNEL - SS RICHARD MONTGOMERY WRECK SURVEY - EGS International Ltd. will be undertaking, on behalf of the MCA and Receiver of Wreck, a detailed sonar survey of the SS Richard Montgomery wreck and have obtained permission to enter the prohibited area. Marine operations will be running from around the 1st August 2019 with expected completion by the 4th September 2019 (weather dependant). All survey work will be carried out by the EGS Watchful (callsign MAQK4; MMSI 232006596; fitted with AIS Class A) who will be keeping a listening watch on VHF Channels 16 & 74. Image and chartlet in the above quoted page in the Temporary List.
6. Wallasea [CROSSRAIL] Commercial Jetty – Decommissioning and Removal - Mariners are reminded of Notice to Mariners No 18 of 2019 dated 12th June 2019. Work on Wallasea [CROSSRAIL] Commercial Jetty in approximate position: 051˚ 37.041N – 000˚ 50.800E is scheduled to commence on Monday 22nd July 2019. The works are estimated to last for approximately 5 weeks. All vessels navigating in the vicinity and passing the operation are requested to do so at a safe distance and with minimum wash and at a speed no greater than 8 knots. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.
7. Swallowtail West Lighted Buoy, River Crouch - Swallowtail West Lighted Buoy in position: 51˚ 40.043’N 001˚ 02.661’E is off station.
8. LOWESTOFT APPROACHES, STANFORD CHANNEL – STANFORD LIGHT BUOY UNRELIABLE - the Stanford Port hand light buoy, approx. position 51˚ 27.37’N, 001˚ 46.68’E, is currently unreliable. The light character is reported as irregular. Mariners are requested to navigate with caution in this area. Notice will be issued when the light has been reinstated.
9. PORT OF WELLS - ENTRANCE CHANNEL - 1) REMOVED OFF STATION (Port Buoy) Station: Outer South 52.59'.320N 000.50'.744E 2) NEW BUOY ON STATION (Starboard Buoy) Station: West Outer Position LAT 52.59'.320N LONG 000.50'.642E Characteristics: Green Starboard FL (3).G.3s

10. KING'S LYNN CONSERVANCY BOARD. - Approaches to King’s Lynn - Amendment to Buoyage - due to changes in the profile of the approach channel the following amendment will take place on or about 23rd July 2019: No. 11 light buoy to be moved 145m x 140°(T) to 52° 52’.465N 000°21’.800E. Mariners are requested to give the buoying vessel “St Edmund” a wide berth and pass at minimum speed whilst works to move the buoy are being undertaken.

That's it. Havengore working, London Array have issued a NtM about cleaning the transition thingies but I can't find it. I imagine there would be a exclusion round the cleaners.

That's it. Oh, have done a re-survey of the Ray Sand. The chartlet will be finished by the middle of the week, one further check to be finished. Best water is along the 1 degree meridian which has no more than 1.3 drying. In line with the Safe Water marks have a lump of sand drying 2.1m at chart datum.

Link to details -

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary


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