Notices to Mariners Week 18 & 19 – Notices to Mariners for the Southern East Coast of the UK and across to France, Belgium and part of Holland

Notice to Mariners Week 18

1. ENGLAND – South East Coast – South Falls W – Foul. – a new FOUL in the south-east TSS west of the Mid Falls lateral buoy. At 50m not likely to hinder leisure craft!
2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Approaches to Harwich – Buoy. – UKHO confirmation of the recent local Harwich Haven NtoM about the Beacon Hill yellow special mark now in place (Apr to Oct). Image for position at:
3. ENGLAND – South Coast – Dover – Inner Harbour – Light. – Green light on the Dunkirk Jetty deleted.
4. NETHERLANDS – Ribben Hinderplaat – Legends. – The Nature Reserve is deleted and a ‘Entry Prohibion’ substituted (south of the Hook of Holland);
5. BELGIUM – Thorntonbank to Lodewijkbank – Works. Wind farm. Restricted area. – Buoyage. – Between Thortonbank and Lodewijbank wind farms are now prohibited for entry in consequence of the start of another wind farm between the two. Image showing buoyage on the same page above.


1. Trinity House – The exclusion zone around the Fluvius Tamar in the North Hinder TSS is now increased to 1000 metres;
2. Trinity House – the Woodbridge Haven Safe Water buoy is moved to specified co-ordinates (see in the Temporary list in the above page);
3. Kentish Flats Wind Farm – notification of an unknown submerged object within the Kentish Flats Wind Farm. Not likely to be on our usual route but see the image to STAY AWAY in the Temporary list on the page above!
5. NAVIGATION – Essex Marina – Excessive Wash – but that was raised in the past week – included for the sake of being ‘complete’;
6. SHEET PILING, THE GRANARIES, MALDON, ESSEX – ADMIRALTY CHART 3741 – RIVER CHELMER, ESSEX – the Chelmer being the top end of the Blackwater – I think that is the housing complex on the right before the Bridge;
7. LOWESTOFT DREDGING ACTIVITIES – REVISED SCHEDULE – as it says – different times etc;
8. Port of Wells dredging;
9. Ramsgate Harbour – dredging;
10. There is some Cable laying and diving on the London Array at the moment with exclusion zones but at the moment I cannot locate the location. I am enquiring;

Notice to Mariners Week 19

One (not very interesting) UKHO Permanent notice:

1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Approaches to Lowestoft – Wrecks. Depths. – All lying at least 18.2m.


1. EAST COAST OF ENGLAND – NORTH HINDER TRAFFIC SEPARATION SCHEME – NHR-S LIGHTED BUOY – new re-siting on or before 1st June. Image attached in the Temporary list in
2. PRINCES CHANNEL – BRITNED CABLE SURVEY – Survey on this cable across to the Netherlands. Starting from 25th May until 25th June, the two survey vessels will be towing survey kit 200m astern;
3. Isle of Grain LNG Jetty No.8 Maintenance and Diving Operations – Starting 8th May with Diving operations for 8 to 12 weeks!
4. RIVER MEDWAY, THE MEDWAY APPROACH AREA AND THE SWALE – RIVER EVENTS 2017 – the regular annual list of events in the River and Swale;
5. Brightlingsea – Fuel pontoon out of action for the following period – Fuel pontoon away for re-fit from 8th May – *13th May;
6. Port of Wells – dredging.

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary

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