New Mailer and Site Security

This message should have gone with the last two messages. I clicked on a wrong box and it failed to send. Normally the Mailer will only send once in day.

This message has been sent by the MailChimp mailer from the new LHYC website. You will find an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. This has to be there to comply with current Privacy laws. It is hoped that this mailer can be used to keep members up to date with club news and other information. If you Unsubscribe you may miss important information from the club.

Site Security

We have been informed of some unpleasant characters on motor bikes around the church and surrounding area. They apparently have erected a tent in the “field” next to the club. These people are thought to be using the area around the church for some drug taking/ dealing activities.
Please be vigilant around the club and ensure our gates are kept locked.

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