Mooring Checks

Lower Halstow Yacht Club
I’m hoping to do mooring checks this Thursday and Friday. Mooring raft should float about 1130 Thursday, 1200 Friday. Please come along if you need help or guidance checking your mooring. Additional outboard would be useful. Graham.
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  1. Hi Graham
    I will come on Thursday to help and bring my 5hp Seagull engine from Sophie Dawes.
    It runs well but as yet I can not get cooling water flow when testing in the dustbin fall of rain water?
    I have not yet had the pump apart, some people have said you only see water at the tell tale when moving through the water?
    But my old one years ago always showed good flow even when not moving through the water.
    It might be a good opportunity for me to test it on the mooring raft, especially if you have another motor available!
    Regards Keith

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