Home made copper coat Antifoul

Ken M has given the site his special recepie:-
Code Product
ha5285 Hempinol Black Bitumen Varnish 4L.
– cheap skate I am
look at MarineStore, North Street, Maildon: Essex (Chandlery@marinestore.co.uk)
Code Product
ha5285 Hempinol Black Bitumen Varnish 4L.
– (delivery free if exceeds of £100) – maybe if enough people want, it may prove feasible for someone to order, you can get foc delivery. Cost for a 4L tin for @ £21.99
can dilute with cheap white spirit, however it is a thin coat hence name suggests “varnish” as opposed to using commercial antifoul which we all know is excessive cost.
4 litre tin does 2 coats on my boat, I add Copper powder to 2nd coat ~ 500g stirred into this final coat. I get this from ebay @ ~£13.00 inc delivery.
I find it gives good protection to hull, keels etc.
I find if there is any barnacles or weed at end of season this falls off readily with a quick pressure wash.

I have used this brand for 5-8 yrs find it does job!
Preparation is everything as always.


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