Covid-19 Coronavirus – Guidelines Updated

Following the government announcement on Sunday 10th May 2020 and the easing of restrictions on Wednesday 13th May 2020 which allowed for unrestricted travel to exercise and various sports to restart, the RYA has issued guidelines to assist clubs to restart boating activities.

The committee has reviewed the guidelines, and following these guidelines has set up a small Covid-19 Team, or sub committee that is working to ensure we all remain safe and resume boating activities as soon as possible.

From the advice received we have come up with new guidelines to enable members to safely use the club site and proceed towards restarting boating. As this is a constantly changing situation these guidelines are likely to change, please return to the club website to keep updated of the latest information. Please read these documents before visiting the club and please follow them to ensure everyone remains safe.

Stay well, with best regards from the Committee

Download printable version

Download printable version


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