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Membership Database 0

Membership Database

We are now using a database incorporated into the club website to securely store members details. This is every detail the club holds including your personal details i.e. Name, address, boat details, mooring checks,...

Boats Adrift – Mooring Lines 0

Boats Adrift – Mooring Lines

Sadly, another boat came ashore on Saturday in the strong winds. The third this year due to its mooring lines parting. Luckily it came ashore when there were quite a few members at the...

Club Electricity Usage – updated 0

Club Electricity Usage – updated

We have seen an increase in electricity usage over recent months, including during the lockdown period. Whilst members are permitted to use the electricity for charging boat batteries, power tools and a limited amount...


Red Sands Race 14/06/2020

Apologies if post is not displaying correctly on a Tablet or phone. Trying to correct it. After weeks of Covid-19 lockdown, a delayed lift in, and a fine day forecast, 10 boats assembled on...

Red Sands Race  – 14/06/2020 3

Red Sands Race – 14/06/2020

The Red Sands Race is to take place on Sunday 14th June. Start 0800 from the start line (outermost yellow barge mooring westward) Medway No.7 Buoy to starboard. Red Sands Towers to starboard. Middle...

Tie your boats down boys! 0

Tie your boats down boys! I was thinking of putting in a bid for this contract, anyone want to come in with me? Stephen

Covid-19 Coronavirus – Guidelines Updated

Covid-19 Coronavirus – Guidelines Updated

Following the government announcement on Sunday 10th May 2020 and the easing of restrictions on Wednesday 13th May 2020 which allowed for unrestricted travel to exercise and various sports to restart, the RYA has...

Easing of lockdown and launching boats

Easing of lockdown and launching boats

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday evening it appears that sailing and boating along with traveling any distance for exercise has become an acceptable activity. It is now acceptable to work on your...

WANTED Dinghy 0


DINGHY WANTED, preferably 10′-14′ . If you have one you wish to part with contact Les Long¬† ¬†