Notices to Mariners Week 45

UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Buoyage. – The Wash – The two yellow special buoys on the Black Buoy Sand (south of the channel heading for the New Cut into Boston are now lit.
2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Beacons. – The Swale – Deletion of four beacons in the upper reaches of Milton Creek, Swale.
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depth. – Off Caister – One new reduction of depth on the eastern side of the N. Caister Sand. It might be 9m of depth but quite a dramatic change.
4. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – Four new soundings in the DW channel of the Black Deep between the Sunk Head Tower and the Black Deep No 2. At 15+m obviously unlikely to hinder leisure craft – but we ought not to be in the centre of the DW channel anyway!
5. BELGIUM – Depths. Foul. – Two reduced depths on the ‘Garden City’ bank in the NW going Noord Hinder South TSS (at 17+m unlikely to hinder leisure craft) and the deletion of a FOUL in the TSS.
6. ENGLAND – South East Coast – Channel. Beacons. Buoyage. – River Stour (Kent) – The Safe Water Mark at the entrance to the River Stour (Kent) has moved substantially. A link is available to show a local chartlet.

All images shown on the usual page:


1. River Crouch – Bathymetry Survey, River Crouch – survey work is scheduled to be carried out on the River Crouch in the locations as listed below between 28th October and 1st November 2019 by survey vessel EXO SURVEYOR. The EXO SURVEYOR will display the appropriate signals as designated by the COLREGS and maintain a continuous listening watch on VHF Channels 11 and 16. Mariners are requested not to impede the vessel whilst survey operations are taking place and pass at a safe distance. Areas to be surveyed:

1. Fambridge Marina
2. From Whitaker No 7 Starboard Hand Light Buoy NE to and in the vicinity of Westerly Cardinal West Swallowtail Light Buoy.
3. Between Buxey No 1 Southerly Cardinal Light Buoy and Buxey No 2 Northerly Cardinal Light Buoy.
4. In the near vicinity and between Burnham Fairway No 2 Port Hand Light Buoy and Burnham Fairway No 9 Starboard Hand Light Buoy.

2. Port of Wells – Dredging

3. Havengore Bridge – closed to marine traffic – Due to an ongoing issue affecting automated operation, Havengore Bridge remains closed to marine traffic. We’re pleased to confirm that a series of major upgrades is being planned and should commence before Christmas. The works will rectify the current fault and improve the overall reliability and resilience of the mechanism. In the interim, we will consider operating the bridge manually on selected weekends subject to favourable tides and significant demand. Any dates identified for manual operation will be published on our website. There is a link on the Temporary List in the above quoted web page.

4. LOWESTOFT–BASCULE BRIDGE MARINE CLOSURES – extensive maintenance works are scheduled for Lowestoft Bascule Bridge for the end of October and November 2019. This will result in a series of overnight Marine closures. Allthese closures will run from 2000hrs until 0600hrs on the following day. Details for these closures are as follows:-

28/10/2019 to 08/11/2019 (all dates inclusive)–12 consecutive nights
10/11/2019 to 14/11/2019 (all dates inclusive) –5 consecutive nights

No small boat openings.
Commercialvessel openings will be accommodated with a minimum of 12hrs notice, one hour either side of the HW or LW period. Every attempt will be made to accommodate commercial requirements, including temporary allocation of berths in the Outer Harbour area. It may be possible to accommodate small boat transits with any essential commercial vessel openings, although small boats will only be permitted to transit with a large commercial vesselif in the same direction of travel. Dates may change subject to the progress of works. If any additional closures are required an additional notice will be issued. Agents, Owners and Vessel masters are advised to bear these closures in mind when planning vessel movements in or out of the Port of Lowestoft. Please contact Lowestoft Port Control, VHF Ch14, or Tel. 01502 572286, if further information is required.

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary


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