Notices to Mariners Week 41

Notices to Mariners Week 41

UKHO Permanent/Preliminary/Temporary Notices

1. ENGLAND – East Coast – NM Block. – A new block for the River Thames illustrating a new line of large mooring buoys south of South Dock Marina in Limehouse Reach.
2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – Six reductions of depth in the Long Sand Head Two-Way Route. All the depths are relevant to shipping rather than to leisure craft. These reductions are associated with NtM 4940 in Week 39 and Trinity House No 13 earlier in the year. All these changes are incorporated in the one image.
3. NETHERLANDS – Depths. – Three reductions of depth off the Dutch Coast, one in the Guel van de Banjaard buoyed channel and two in the Oude Roompot to Roompotsluis.


1. Harwich Harbour & Approaches – seasonal recreational marks – On or after the 01st of October 2019 the following seasonal recreational marks will be withdrawn:
Pennyhole, Yellow Cone Buoy; Cork Ledge Racing Mark, Yellow Can Buoy; Armada Racing Mark, Yellow Can Buoy: Fox’s, Yellow Conical Buoy; Cobbolds Point Buoy, Green Conical Buoy; Dovercourt Bay, Yellow Spherical Buoys; Shotley Horse, Yellow Pillar Buoy; Speed Limit Marker Buoy, Yellow Spherical Buoy; Beacon Hill, Yellow Can Buoy. Postions are recorded in the fujll Notice in the usual Temporary list on:

2. SWALE –FERRY REACH–KINGSFERRY BRIDGE – CLOSURES. – Network Rail have informed Peel Ports Medway that, due to essential maintenance, the Kingsferry Bridge will be inoperative and unable to be lifted on the following dates and times
21:00 07/10/19 – 00:30 08/10/19
•21:00 08/10/19 – 00:30 09/10/19
•21:00 09/10/19 -00:30 10/10/19
•21:00 21/10/19 -00:30 22/10/19
•21:00 22/10/19-00:30 23/10/19
•21:00 23/10/19 -00:30 24/10/19

3. DISCONTINUATION OF YANTLET DEMOLITION OUTER AREA MARKS – the following navigation marks located between GrainSpit and Yantlet Flats have been discontinued with immediate effect. ATON –N13107, N13109, N13110 &N13106 Unlighted Spherical By. Yellow.

4. DISCONTINUATION OF NAVIGATION MARKS – The Swale – Milton Creek – the following navigation marks located in Milton Creek have been discontinued with immediate effect.
ATON –N05700– Milton Creek Gas Pipeline East–Unlighted Beacon
ATON –N05701 –Milton Creek Gas Pipeline West –ULB
ATON –N17466 –Milton Creek Road Bridge Centre Light –LB
ATON –N05702 –Church Marshes Cable Crossing South Bank –ULB
ATON –N05703 – Church Marshes Cable Crossing South Bank –ULB
ATON –N10546 – Church Marshes Cable Crossing North Bank–ULB – Position recorded in the Temporary List above.

5. RIVER MEDWAY –WOULDHAM/ HALLING OVERHEAD CABLE WORKS Update – overhead works are scheduled to begin on or around 23rd September2019 across the River Medway between Wouldham Marshes and Halling, and will involve the replacement of an overhead power cable. River traffic will be monitored by a safety boat which will be on site whilst the cable pull takes place. Communications relevant to the works should be directed atthe safety boat or Medway VTS on VHF Channel 74. The work is expected to be completed on or around 18th October 2019. Image in the Temporary List.

6. Whitaker No 3 Lighted Buoy, River Crouch – Whitaker No 3 Lighted Buoy in position: 51˚ 40.424’N 001˚ 04.719’E is unlit.

7. Approaches to Burnham Fairway – Temporary Repositioning of 8 Knot Speed Limit Marker Buoys – the two yellow unlit 8 knot speed limit marker buoys have been reinstated at the Eastern End of the Burnham Yacht Moorings in the following positions: 51˚ 37.250’N 000˚ 50.242’E and 51˚ 37.187’N 000˚ 50.060’E. NOTICE TO MARINERS NO 18 OF 2019 IS HEREBY CANCELLED.

8. LOWESTOFT APPROACHES – POSSIBLE SHOALING NORTH EAST OF HARBOUR ENTRANCE – an area of suspected shoaling approx. 700 metres North East of Lowestoft Harbour entrance, centred on approx. position 52 ̊ 28.555’N, 001 ̊ 45.936’E. This shoaling has yet to be confirmed, but may have resulted in a depth reduction of approx. 0.5m. This area is shown on the chart extract in the Temporary List. Mariners and Navigators are requested to navigate with caution when in Lowestoft Harbour approaches, using all means available to check and verify vessel position to ensure that the required under keel clearance is available. (I reckon that’s about 3.5m CD)

9. PORT OF GREAT YARMOUTH – Haven Bridge and Breydon Bridge Maintenance – both Haven Bridge and Breydon Bridge will be undergoing essential repair and maintenance work between the following dates/times; Monday 30th September 2019 until Wednesday 9th October 2019. During this period neither bridge will be able to lift for vessel traffic. Road traffic will not be affected. Air draught boards are available on both sides of each bridge. Additional advice can be sought by contacting Breydon Bridge on VHF Ch12 or telephone 01493 335536 (daytime only).

10. Port of Wells – dredging


Link to details –

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary


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