Notices to Mariners Week 35

Notices to Mariners Week 35

UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary

1. ENGLAND – South East Coast - Drying height. - Ramsgate Harbour: There are two identical NtMs: first NtM 4406(P) which is for the new drying height in relation to Chart 1827 and the second NtM 4441 which is for the same change but in relation to the new block published last week for Chart 1828. The practical consequence is an extension of the drying mud between the West Pier and the RoRo berth. Usually none of us go near there!
2. ENGLAND - South East Coast - Depths. - Three reductions of depth at the SW Goodwin. Earlier this year in the same area, NtM notified of two reductions so they have been included in the image. None likely to hinder leisure craft. (Comparing back to the pre-2013 depths, the SW end of the Goodwin has shallowed significantly – but not an issue for leisure craft).
3. ENGLAND - East Coast - Wreck. - New dangerous wreck in the River Medway in Chatham Reach/Upnor Reach close to the Boat Slip Wharf.
4. ENGLAND - East Coast - Depths. - Three reduced depths in the Sunk Precautionary Area but at over 19m will not hinder leisure craft.
5. ENGLAND - South East Coast - Drying contour. Drying height. Depths. Wreck. - 8 reductions of depth on the Brake and Downs Banks.
6. ENGLAND - East Coast - Obstruction. - This is the new obstruction on the point of St Peter’s Flats on the south side of the Blackwater that was reported last week in the Temporary List.


1. Updated 13th August 2019 - ROCHESTER - BRIDGE REACH - ROCHESTER NEW ROAD BRIDGE: RE-FURBISHMENT WORKS & SPAN CLOSURES. - Phase 2: Has now commenced and will last for approx. 6 months. Refurbishment works are scheduled to begin on or around 8th May 2019 and are due to continue for a period of 18 months on the Rochester New Road Bridge located in the following approximate position: 51 0 23.54'N 0000 30.04'E - It is intended to carry out the work in 3 main phases - Span closures required. - Lengthy Notice, can I suggest those who need it visit page:, select the Temporary List and read all the detail: image included.
2. River Crouch (Sunken Buxey) - Temporary Meter Deployments - We (CHA) have been requested to publish the following information: As part of the Anglian Water Coastal Modelling System Upgrade, Intertek has subcontracted Partrac Ltd to deploy ten seabed mounted acoustic monitoring devices around the East Anglian Coast. Weather permitting, these will be deployed during the period 19th to 24th of August 2019. See the details in the Temporary List - one site close to the Sunken Buxey.
3. Sunken Buxey Lighted Buoy – River Crouch - the Sunken Buxey Lighted Buoy in position: 51˚ 39.595’N 001˚ 00.765’E is now back on station.
4. Outer Crouch No 2 Lighted Buoy – River Crouch - the Outer Crouch No 2 Lighted Buoy in position: 51˚ 38.622’N 000˚ 59.200’E is unlit.
5. LOWESTOFT – TRANSITS OF UNMANNED SURFACE VESSEL - FOR TESTING / SURVEY OPERATIONS - Mariners and Port Users are advised the unmanned surface vessel (USV) ‘Intrepid Barracuda’ (see photo 1) will be tested and undergo hydrographic surveys between Happisburgh and Harwich. The vessel will be only operating during daylight. The USV has AIS, navigation lights and a radar reflector. The vessel will transit to and from the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Marina in Lowestoft Outer Harbour area. The USV will be escorted by the vessel ‘Clarissa’ (see photo 2) The RIB will be monitoring VHF Ch14 during Harbour transits. The schedule of the works are as follows: 23rd August, Transit from Shotley to Lowestoft. Moor at Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club Marina (see attached routes). 24th August, motor from Lowestoft North and North East to intercept pipelines, survey to North West, and return to Lowestoft (see attached routes). 25th August, Survey to South East 26th August, return to Shotley. 27-30th August, contingency days. The schedule of works may vary.
6. Wells - Dredging
7. Havengore Bridge Update (19.08.19) "Our contractors will be on site from 2-4 September to repair the current hydraulic fault. Assuming the works go ahead as scheduled and no additional issues are encountered, we expect the bridge to re-open to marine traffic by 5 September. We will issue a further update if there are any changes to this information." I feel tempted to have a ceremonial attempt on 5th September!

That is it.

Link to details -

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary


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