Notices to Mariners Week 33

Notices to Mariners Week 33

UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary

1. ENGLAND – South Coast – Fog signals. – Deletion of the occasional Fog Sirens (3) on the ends of Piers A, B and F of the Eastern Docks.
2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – River Thames – Two reductions of depths on the south edge of Thames Channel off Crayford Ness.
3. ENGLAND – South East Coast – Wreck. – A new wreck off the north-west corner of the Thanet Wind Farm. At over 17m, this will not hinder leisure craft.


1. GRAVESEND REACH TILBURY LANDING STAGE FILMING – Filming operations will take place on Tilbury Landing Stage between 5th and 10th August 2019. Filming will involve the vessel NOORTRUCK berthed alongside the landing stage and at times off the landing stage for short durations before returning back alongside. During this time safety craft will be present. Throughout the filming period a drone will be used above the landing stage and adjacent terminal buildings. At times the drone will be used up to 40m off the edge of the landing stage over the river. At no time will the drone impede vessels passing the landing stage and will keep a minimum distance of 50m from any moored vessels.

On Friday 9th August, between 8am and 11am, additional marine activity will take place as part of the filming operation requiring Local Traffic Control by a PLA Harbour Service Launch. During this time all vessels intending to navigate between Tilbury Cargo Jetty and the Tilbury2 Construction site are to navigate with caution, maintaining a continuous watch on VHF Channel 68 and follow the instructions from the attending Harbour Service Launch exhibiting flashing blue lights. Whilst endeavours will be made to lessen the impact on river traffic at this time, operators should be aware that there may be delays to vessels. Additional broadcasts will be made by London VTS in the Routine Broadcast. For the latest information contact London VTS on VHF Channel 68 or by telephone on 01474 560311


Notice is hereby given that the Leigh Deposit Buoy, charted position 51°30.268”N 0°40.134”E, light characteristic Fl.Y.15s (highlighted in the chartlet below), is off station until further notice.
Mariners will be advised via a further Notice once the Buoy has been reinstated. Image in the Temporary List as usual at:

3. Swallowtail West Lighted Buoy, River Crouch is now back on station.

4. River Crouch – Forthcoming Sailing Events – The Royal Corinthian Yacht Club will be hosting and running the annual Otters Week sailing/racing event between Sunday 04th August and Sunday 11th 2019. The majority of racing will take place between the entrance to Bridgemarsh Marina and the River Roach, courses to be set on the day dependant on weather conditions. Corinthian Otters 24 Hours Sailing Event – Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th August 2019. At 11:00hrs on Saturday 11th August 2019 a 24-hour sailing event will begin. The race will comprise of a “LOOP-COURSE” between a marker to be placed in the vicinity of Rice and Coles and a second marker off of the Town Hard. Royal Burnham CADET Week – The Royal Burnham Yacht Club will be running and hosting their annual Cadet Week between Sunday 11th August and Friday 16th August 2019. Race courses will be set on the day depending on weather conditions between Cliff Reach racing mark (western end) and Holliwell race mark (eastern end). Full details in the Temporary List on the above page.

5. LOWESTOFT WAVENEY DOCK – FISH MARKET AREA – CANOPY REMOVAL – from Monday 5th August 2019, work will commence to remove the canopy over the West Quay wall in Waveney Dock. This work is being undertaken as a safety measure and is expected to take up to 2 weeks to complete. Mariners are advised that this works will cause some restrictions on berthing and working in this area. The contractors have been requested to work with vessel owners and operators to minimise disruption where possible.

6. OCRDA POWERBOAT EVENT LOWESTOFT SOUTH ROADS 3rd and 4th AUGUST 2019 – a powerboat racing event is scheduled to be held in the Inshore Southern approaches to Lowestoft (off Lowestoft South and Pakefield Beaches), on Sat 3rd and Sun 4th August 2019. Timings of racing may vary due to weather or other circumstances, but are currently scheduled to take place between approx. 11:30 and 13:00hrs on Sat 3rd, and 12:00 and 13:30hrs on Sun 4th August. The full details and iamge of the course can be found in the Temporary List on the above page.

Havengore still not open. No dredging reported at Wells!

That’s it.

Link to details –

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary


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