Notices to Mariners Week 16

Notices to Mariners Week 16 for the Southern East Coast of the UK and across to France, Belgium and part of Holland

UKHO Permanent/Preliminary/Temporary

1. Admiralty Charts to be published 02 May 2019: Chart 1534 – International Chart Series, England – East Coast, Great Yarmouth and Approaches., A Great Yarmouth Outer Harbour. B Great Yarmouth Haven. 1:7,500., Chart 1535 -International Chart Series, England – East Coast, Lowestoft and Approaches. A Lowestoft Harbour., Chart 1543 – England – East Coast, Winterton Ness to Orford Ness.
2. ENGLAND – South East Coast – Depths. Drying heights. – Two new drying heights and one reduced depth at West Quern and the Ramsgate channel. Caution needed.
3. NETHERLANDS – NM Blocks. Fouls. Obstructions. – UKHO block and nine new ‘FOULs’ in and around the approaches and entrance of the Hook of Holland. One existing Foul changed to ‘Obstn’ but at over 26m unlikely to hinder leisure craft.
4. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – River Thames – One reduced depth on the south edge of the Yantlet Channel west of the Sea Reach No 6 South buoy. At over 12m unlikely to hinder leisure craft.
5. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – River Thames – New south cardinal buoy off the oil jetty at Silvertown.
6. NETHERLANDS – Depths. – Change of the 20m contour of the bank to the west of the Westhinder and two reduced depths. Although the bank is shoaling there is still over 10m water.
7. BELGIUM – Buoy. – Temporary – New north cardinal buoy off the Belgium coast near De Hann.


1. CANVEY ISLAND – WASH AND DRAW-OFF DANGERS ON PUBLIC BEACHES – the usual annual warning: includes ‘jetskis’ – The foreshore and river wall on Canvey Island between the Chapman Anchorages and Scar’s Elbow is a popular public beach and amenity. For members of the public using the beaches and the river wall there are potentially serious implications from the dangers of wash and draw-off from passing vessels. Consequently, all vessels are requested to be mindful of the effects of wash and draw-off in this area, especially over the high water periods during daylight hours. Masters are reminded of the requirement under Port of London Thames Byelaw 57 that any wash or draw-off created by their vessel must not compromise the safety of others using the Thames and the foreshore. Additionally, users of personal watercraft (e.g. “jetskis”) are advised that they must not operate at speeds in excess of eight knots within 200 metres of a public beach, and that the launch or recovery of a personal watercraft from an unauthorised location (such as Thorney Bay Beach) is prohibited under Port of London Thames Byelaw 14.
2. Harwich Harbour Maintenance dredging – Harwich Haven berths and approaches – on or about the 9th April 2019 the dredger Sospan Dau will commence maintenance dredging in the harbour, for a period of approximately 5 days. Materials will be disposed of to the beneficial sites in the River Stour and River Orwell. Detailed dredger movements can be obtained from Harwich VTS on VHF Channel 71. Lights and shapes as required by Collision Regulations will be exhibited and a listening watch on VHF Channel 71 will be maintained throughout.
3. Update: Seabed obstruction in vicinity of River Stour No.15 buoy – a seabed obstruction has been identified in the River Stour up stream of No.15 Buoy and approximately 8m from the channel edge, in the following approximate position: 51º 56.74ˈN 001° 05.39ˈE. The obstruction has a drying height of 0.5 meters above chart datum. Image available (as others are).
4. Barton Hall No 3 Lighted Buoy – River Roach – is back on station.
5. LOWESTOFT – DREDGING ACTIVITIES APRIL – dredging activities are scheduled for Lowestoft as follows:-
Vessel CHERRY SAND – Due to commence work at Lowestoft on 05/04/19. Expected duration of works: 16 to 17 days. Normal working hours: 07:00 to 19:00hrs.
Vessel UKD ORCA – Due to commence work at Lowestoft on or around 19/04/19. Expected duration of works: 5 days. Normal working hours: 24/7.
Vessel UKD SEAHORSE – Due to commence work at Lowestoft on or around 27/04/2019. Expected duration of works: 8 days. Normal working hours: 0700-1900hrs.
The dredgers will be working in both Lowestoft Inner and Outer Harbour areas. They will display lights and shapes for dredging activities as prescribed in the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. The vessels will maintain a listening watch on VHF Ch 14. Vessel movements will be co-ordinated via Lowestoft Port Control. Mariners and Port Users are requested to afford the dredgers a wide berth while they are working.
6. Ramsgate – RA BUOY – TOP MARK MISSING – on charted position 51°.19’.59N – 001°30’.80E, is currently missing. Rectification works are presently underway.
7. Ramsgate – YACHT RACING MARKS – all unlit yellow spherical buoys, have been placed and will remain in the positions which can be found in the Temporary List at:
Ivor Thomas Amusements, Stonar, RTYC Nav School, Icom, Rally Design, Euromarine Insurance, Northrop Sails

That’s it. See for full details and images.

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Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary


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