Notices to Mariners Week 3

Notices to Mariners Week 3 – Notices to Mariners for the Southern East Coast of the UK and across to France, Belgium and part of Holland

UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary

1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Obstruction. Explosive dumping ground. – New unexploded ordnance in North Sea Deep Water Route. Unlikely to hinder leisure craft.
2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Obstruction. Buoy. – This is removal of that obstruction found in the Kentish Flats Wind Farm and reported by the Port of London Authority in Week 11 last year. Good news.
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – Two reduced depths on the eastern side of the Hearty Knoll (adjacent to Winterton Ridge). At over 10m is unlikely to hinder leisure craft.
4. NETHERLANDS – Submarine power cable. – New power cable being installed from the Borssele Wind Farm down the Walcheren coast into the outer Westerschelde and ashore just east of Vlissengen.

Images of changes and full details can be found on:


1. River Thames – NORTHFLEET HOPE DOLPHIN REPLACEMENT WORKS – TILBURY LANDING STAGE – Starting on 8th January 2019 works on the replacement of the inner dolphin on the downstream end of the Tilbury Landing Stage. Will be carried out from the jackup barge COMMANDER which will be positioned on the end of the stage. The works will see the removal of the current structure and replacement with a new dolphin structure. The works involve lifting and piling operations. A safety boat will be in attendance throughout the works. All vessels involved with the works will maintain a continuous listening watch on VHF Channel 68. At times International Code flags “Romeo Yankee” will be exhibited in conjunction with a “Proceed with Caution” being broadcast by London VTS
2. Medway (Peel Ports) have brought forward all their outstanding local notices:

LOWER HALSTOW WRECK TO THE NORTH OF LOWER HALSTOW YACHT MOORINGS – the floating dock/converted barge, that has been moored to a large yellow mooring buoy to the north of the Lower Halstow Yacht Moorings, has sunk. It is still made fast to the buoy, but is covered at high water. Approximate position – 510 23.00N 0000 46.00E
RIVER MEDWAY– SALTPAN REACH Isle of Grain LNG Terminal, Jetties Nos. 8 & 10 Exclusion Zones (General Directions for Navigation No.13) – mariners are to observe the exclusion zones in relation to the Isle of Grain LNG Terminal Jetties Nos.8 & 10 in Saltpan Reach. Mariners are also to note that any unauthorised infringement of the LNG Exclusion Zones may result in prosecution.
THE SWALE – FAVERSHAM CREEK – Unmarked Obstruction – Faversham Creek – NOTICE remains in force advising of an UNMARKED OBSTRUCTION in Faversham Creek close to the shore line between Buoys No.5 and No.7. The unmarked obstruction is located in Faversham Creek, the Swale in approximate position: 51° 20.193‘ N 00° 54.244’ E Reports received have identified the obstruction as being near to the shore line and being submerged over mid to high tide time.
GARRISON POINT TRAFFIC WARNING LIGHTS – NOTICE remains in force that until further notice the Traffic Warning Lights situated on Garrison Point Fort in the following approximate position are inoperative: 51° 26.80´ N 000° 44.64´ E.
THE SWALE – FAVERSHAM CREEK – Vessels Aground – NOTICE REMAINS IN FORCE that, due to the exceptional high tides experienced November 2017 a vessel has been stranded in the upper reaches of Faversham Creek. The vessel ‘Revenge’ is firmly aground in the vicinity of the Sewage Treatment Works on the east side. The vessel has settled with a heavy list towards the middle of the creek. In 2018 the masts were removed as they were causing an obstruction to the navigable channel. She was subsequently set on fire and remains in the same position as a metal frame wreck. Vessels should pass with extreme caution.
RIVER MEDWAY – ROCHESTER – BRIDGE REACH – Wreck Reported – remains in force that a wreck has been reported inshore of Middle Acorn Moorings, Bridge Reach, Rochester, in position –
Latitude 051° 23.61”N Longitude 000° 30.26’

3. LOWESTOFT BRIDGE CHANNEL – NEW NAVIGATION LIGHTS – have been established at the Bridge Channel, Lowestoft Bascule Bridge, to mark the alignment of the Bridge ‘cut’ as follows:-
• NE Bridge – Isophase yellow 5sec, Lat. 52° 28.375’N, Long. 001° 44.994’E
• NW Bridge – Isophase yellow 5sec, Lat. 52° 28.375’N, Long. 001° 44.980’E
• SW Bridge – Isophase yellow 5sec, Lat. 52° 28.360’N, Long. 001° 44.974’E
• SE Bridge – Isophase yellow 5sec, Lat. 52° 28.360’N, Long. 001° 44.989’E

The light flashing sequences are synchronized to ease identification and clarity. They will only be exhibited during the hours of darkness.
4. Port of Wells Dredging
5. Blakeney Harbour Vessels entering Blakeney Harbour should note that CHANNEL MARKER STARBOARD BUOY 13 is temporarily ‘off station’ until further notice.
6. Approaches to King’s Lynn – Amendments to Buoyage – due to changes in the profile of the approach channel the following amendments will take place on or about 7th January 2019:
a) No. 21 light buoy to be moved 85m x 360°(T) to 52° 50’.340N 00°21’.605E
b) No. 22 light buoy to be moved 45m x 025°(T) to 52° 50’.375N 00°21’.690E
Mariners are requested to give the buoying vessel “St Edmund” a wide berth and pass at minimum speed whilst works to move the buoys are being undertaken.
7. BRADWELL POWER STATION – MAGNOX BRADWELL OUTFALL PIPE CUTTING AND FLUSHING – RIVER BLACKWATER, ESSEX – EFFECTIVE 14th January 2019 – contractors working on behalf of Magnox Limited will commence preparation work in connection with surface water pipelines from the East culvert adjacent to the Magnox Bradwell site to the outfall structure. Once the pipeline work has been completed, the works will be flushed using clean water to remove any silt (to a maximum of .1m3 in volume). This work is commensurate with the application made to the MMO in respect of the above licences and is likely to take less than one week to complete. Dependant on weather.

All full details and images available can be found on the same web page under the Temporary list.

No positive news of Havengore Bridge at the moment.

That’s it.

Link to details –

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary


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