Notices to Mariners Week 35,36 & 37 – Notices to Mariners for the Southern East Coast of the UK and across to France, Belgium and part of Holland

Week 35


UKHO and Trinity House Permanent, Preliminary and Temporary

1. NORTH SEA – Netherlands Sector – Buoyage. – Two temporary cardinal buoys ‘en route’ between the North Hinder system and towards the Westerschelde. – See the image on the usual page:
2. ENGLAND – Thames Estuary – Depths. – Two reduced depths in the Deep Water channel of the Knock John Channel. Not likely to hinder leisure craft.:
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – Eight reduced depths on the west side of the Corton Sand (which is encroaching). Note in partnership with the following Trinity House NtM.;
4. EAST COAST OF ENGLAND – APPROACHES TO GREAT YARMOUTH – HOLM CHANNEL & HOLM SAND – Movement of six buoys around the Holm Sand. The image includes reduced soundings already reported vide NtoM Nos 272, 2380(P) and 4128 (above).


1. SEA REACH FENDER REPAIR OIKOS JETTY NO. 1 – repair work will commence on Sunday 19th August 2018 to fenders on OIKOS Jetty No. 1. These works are expected to take 4 to 5 days to complete during which time a ‘Proceed with Caution’ will be issued by London VTS where mariners are requested to be mindful of their wash.
2. GRAVESEND REACH JETTY REINSTATEMENT AND WORKS CUSTOMS JETTY – work will commence on or around 28th August 2018 on the reinstatement of the pontoon for Customs Jetty. The works will be carried out with the assistance of SWS SUFFOLK and will consist of removing the brow before reinstating the pontoon, associated fixings and steelwork. The brow will then be reinstated.
3. Harwich Harbour Maintenance dredging – Harwich Haven berths and approaches – on or about the 21st August 2018 the plough dredger FORTH DRUMMER will commence maintenance dredging of the Harwich Haven berths and approaches for a period of approximately 14 days. )n or about the 24th August 2018 the trailer suction dredger Barent Zanen will commence maintenance dredging of the Harwich Haven berths and approaches for a period of approximately 8 days. Survey work in regard to the dredging operations will be conducted by the Harwich Haven Authority vessel Egret. Material from these areas will be disposed to the TH027: Harwich Haven disposal site.

4. Port of Wells – dredging;
5. Blakeney Harbour – The light on Harbour Entrance buoy no. 4 (N 52° 58.777’ E 000° 57.530’) has now been reinstated. Flash sequence is FlG(2.5s).

I can’t remember whether it has been said, so in case it hasn’t, Havengore Bridge is operational.

CLACTON ON SEA AIRSHOW 23rd /24th August 2018 – between the hours of 11:00 BST to 21:00 BST Thursday 23rd and 11:00 BST to 17:00 BST Friday 24th an Airshow will be taking place offshore from Clacton Seafront.

An area starting Six Cables East of Clacton Pier, approximately Seven Cables to seaward, running parallel to the Shore to Lion Point Jaywick in the West. This area will be a restricted area for all vessels, other than official vessels patrolling or any craft participating in a programmed display on behalf of the show organisers.
Restricted Area:

A. 51’47.55N – 001’10.20E Inshore Limit East of Clacton Pier.
B. 51’46.91N – 001’10.83E Seaward Mark East of Clacton Pier.
C. 51’45.76N – 001’07.51E Seaward Mark West of Clacton Pier,
D. 51’46.30N – 001’07.20E Inshore Limit West of Clacton Pier.

Vessels are advised to keep clear of this area between the hours stated above. Anchoring is prohibited in this area. It is prohibited to launch or recover any vessels within this area during the stated times.

Week 36


UKHO Permanent, Preliminary and Temporary Notices


1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Wreck. Depth. – This is pretty important. This is a new wreck just west of the bank of the Whiting and the symbol used means ‘Wreck over which the exact depth of water is unknown but is thought to be 28 metres or less, and which is considered dangerous to surface Navigation’. Note the sounding at the spot of the wreck is deleted which was 8+m. We might be able to consider that the wreck was lying at 8m depth especially as no urgent wreck marking has been laid but that cannot be certain;
2. ENGLAND – South East Coast – Depths. Wrecks. – This was pretty tedious! – A ‘major’ NtoM: 23 new depths!!! and 4 new wreck off and around the North Foreland and the Falls. But the least sounding is 8 metres so nothing unlikely to hinder leisure craft;
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – Four reduced soundings west of the Thames Barrier, three reasonably close, the fourth in Blackwall Reach.


I love a Bank Holiday – never many on a Bank Holiday!

1. River Crouch – Burnham Fairway No 7 Light Buoy has been reported unlit;
2. Ipswich – Diving Operations in New Cut – diving operations will be taking place in and around the tidal barrier construction site from the 22/8 through to the 30th August 2018. These works are to remove the temporary scour mats. The works will be marked by dive flags and a safety boat will be on standby to manage the traffic. Image can be found (as can all the UKHO NtMs) at: – this one in the temporary list;
3. Port of Wells – dredging.

Week 37


UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary

1. ENGLAND – East Coast – NM Block. – New block showing the new depths in the Hamilton Dock in Lowestoft. The block can be downloaded at:
2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Legends. Note. Depths. – Deletion of the reference to Bunkering in the Anchorage in Queens Channel, and one change of depth (unusually) increased to 8.3 in the middle of the Deep Water channel of the Princes Channel just east of the Princes Inner special buoy.
3. NETHERLANDS – Depth. – A new reduced depth just on the northern side of the Steenbaken, one of the banks off shore the Oosterschedt.
4. ENGLAND – East Coast – Wreck. – Change of wreck symbol (exact depth unknown but not considered dangerous…) to depth by sounding. Not likely to hinder leisure craft.


1. WOOLWICH REACH – ENVIRONMENT AGENCY – THAMES BARRIER CLOSURES: The Thames Flood Barrier will be closed once a month for test purposes, in accordance with a programme issued for a period of six months, commencing 01st November 2018 to 09 April, 2019. Full details of the monthly dates at the above page on the Temporary List. During these periods navigation in the Thames Barrier Control Zone, between Margaretness and Blackwall Point, will be restricted and any movements in this area will require permission from London VTS;
2. LONG REACH NAVIGATOR TERMINAL DOLPHIN REPLACEMENT WORKS – construction of a new upriver dolphin at Navigator No.1 Berth will start on or around the 11th September 2018. During the works the jack-up barge ‘COMMANDER’ and various logistics barges will be in use with a tug and safety boat in attendance at all times. A set of tubular piles required for the construction works will be rafted together and moored at Broadness Reach or St Clements Reach (subject to weather and operational conditions), and marked with an all-round white navigation light. The piles are 60m in length and have a freeboard of 600mm and will be towed up river individually to the construction site from the mooring.
3. Felixstowe Harbour – Obstruction on seabed- reduction in charted depth. Mariners are advised of an object on the seabed located 280m due west from the North end of Felixstowe No. 8 berth. The coordinates are- 51° 57.03942’ N, 001° 18.4970’ E (I have added an image showing the position – I suspect nobody would try to anchor in that position!) The minimum available depth above this object is 13.5m below chart datum (1m reduction in charted depth).
4. MEDWAY VESSEL TRAFFIC SERVICE – RELOCATION – on 01st May 2018 at 06:00 UTC, Medway VTS was relocated to the Group Port Control Centre (GPCC) based in Liverpool. They have just reissued the NtM so it may be that the telephone numbers have been changed – see the details in the Temporary List.
5. River Crouch – Whitaker No 6 Light Buoy – The light is now reinstated and operational.
6. Port of Wells dredging;
7. Kings Lynn – Approaches to King’s Lynn – King’s Lynn Harbour – River Great Ouse: Travis Perkins Skiff Rowing Races Sunday 16th September 2018. Skiff rowing races are planned to be held in King’s Lynn Harbour over the 1129 hrs high water. The races will start at 0930 hrs and will finish at 1230 hrs. The full course will extend from the Outer Purfleet (start/ finish line) to The Free Bridge. Mariners are requested to maintain position north or south of the course while each race is taking place and then navigate with caution and comply with any request of the Safety boat.
8. Havengore Bridge Update (03.09.18) – The specialist contractors have been on site today to diagnose the cause of the latest bridge failure. The east tail lock is stuck in the extended position. The ram that controls the tail lock is mounted at height under the bridge metalwork and requires additional equipment to remove it from its mountings for repair. We will issue a further update when we have confirmation of when the contractors can return with the equipment necessary to complete the work. Our apologies for the ongoing disruption. Nicki Uden – Community Liaison Officer, SHOEBURYNESS RANGE Careline: 0800 0560108


Link to details –

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary





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