Notices to Mariners Week 30 & 31 – Notices to Mariners for the Southern East Coast of the UK and across to France, Belgium and part of Holland

Week 30

UKHO Permanent/Preliminary/Temporary

Just the one – not very exciting:

ENGLAND – East Coast – Restricted areas. – A small change of the position of the Kentish Flats Wind Farm power cable from the Farm to land. No change in the Berm. See image at the usual page:


1. GRAVESEND REACH TO MOUSE CHANNEL – 87TH THAMES SAILING BARGE MATCH – Mariners are advised that the 87th Thames Sailing Barge Match will take place on Saturday 21st July 2018, with participating vessels congregating in Gravesend Reach prior to proceeding to the start line at Mucking No.3 buoy: 10.00am Coasting Class 10.15am Champion Staysail Class 10.30am Champion Bowsprit Class – The race participants together with associated escort and official craft will proceed eastwards to the North Oaze Buoy before turning about to return to Gravesend for the finish of the race. Note the intended route may be shortened subject to weather conditions on the day.

2. LOWER HALSTOW WRECK TO THE NORTH OF LOWER HALSTOW YACHT MOORINGS – the sunken floating dock/converted barge, that has been moored to a large yellow mooring buoy to the north of the Lower Halstow Yacht Moorings has now been refloated. It is now made fast to 3 yellow buoys still at a position (Revised) – 510 22.90N 0000 40.36E;

3. RIVER MEDWAY– SALTPAN REACH Isle of Grain LNG Terminal, Jetties No. 8, 9 & 10. Underwater Pile Inspection Survey – Diving Operations will take place under the jetties from Wednesday 18th July 2018 and are expected to last for approximately 3 weeks;

4. RIVER MEDWAY– SALTPAN REACH – Isle of Grain, Foster Yeoman Terminal, Jetties No. 6 & 7. Underwater Cathodic Protection System Repairs – Diving Operations to make repairs to the cathodic protection system will take place between and under the jetties from Monday 16th July 2018 to Friday 20th July 2018;

5. River Crouch – Upper Reaches Obstruction – the abandoned anchor thought previously to have been attached to a mooring buoy in approximate position: 51˚ 37.793’N, 000˚ 36.316’E has now been re-laid and no longer poses a hazard to navigation.

6. River Crouch – Swallowtail No 4 Light Buoy is re-established;

7. Lighted Beacon Wakering Yacht Club Pontoon – River Roach – the lighted beacon ‘2 fixed reds’ on the end of Wakering Yacht Club’s pontoon is re-established;

8. Port of Wells dredging.

Week 31

UKHO Permanent/Preliminary/Temporary

1. New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts published 2 August 2018 – Chart 1835 England – East Coast, River Medway, Folly Point to Maidstone, A Continuation of the River Medway, B Continuation of the River Medway to Maidstone. Includes changes to depths from the latest Medway Port Authority Surveys;
2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Wrecks. – Three revised depths over already known wrecks to the east of the Sheringham Wind Farm. All at a depth that they are unlikely to hinder leisure craft;
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – Works. Buoy. Depths. – A restricted area off the Bawdsey beach for drilling for the East Anglia One Wind Farm. The instructions opposite are explicit. No mooring, no fishing. The area limits the inshore route from the Deben to the Ore. Not strictly an exclusion zone but going outside the Waverider buoy would make sense! Depths may be more shoal than charted in the vicinity due to the drilling works; – See the image for the area at:


1. LEIGH CHANNEL LEIGH BUOY BUOY REPOSITIONED – the Leigh Buoy has been moved approximately 170m to the NNE of her current charted position to reflect changes in depths in the area;
2. SEA REACH CALOR & LONDON GATEWAY TIDE MONITORING EQUIPMENT – during the last week of July 2018 the PLA Hydrographic Service will be deploying a bottom-mounted current monitoring device (an ADCP) mid channel off Calor Canvey. The deployment will last about two weeks after which it will be moved to the approaches to London Gateway 1 for a further two week deployment. The unit stands less than one metre above the bed and the sites have been selected so as to not interfere with any surface shipping, which will not be restricted during these deployments. There will be no surface markers; – Image on the same page but in the Temporary list;
3. Harwich Sea Festival, navigational exclusion zone & Ha’penny Pier pontoon restrictions The Harwich Sea Festival is jointly organised by the Rotary Club and Harwich RNLI. The festival will run from 11:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs on the 29th July 2018. The event organisers have published detailed festival information via the following link . Navigational exclusion zone. On the 29th of July 2018 between approximately 14:45 hrs and 15:15 hrs a navigational exclusion zone will be established in the vicinity of Harwich Ha’penny Pier. This exclusion zone is being established to ensure safety during a helicopter search and rescue demonstration during the Harwich Sea Festival.
The exclusion zone covers the area west of a line drawn between Shotley Point and the eastern end of the Navyard dock, terminating in a line drawn between the tower on Ganges Pier and the eastern end of Harwich International port. During this period no vessel shall enter or pass through the exclusion zone without the expressed permission of the Harbour Master. See images in the Temporary List;
4. Port of Wells – dredging;
5. KING’S LYNN CONSERVANCY BOARD – Approaches to Kings Lynn – UKD “Cherry Sand” Dredging Disposal West Stones Disposal site HU143 – from the Am tide 25th July 2018 through until the AM Tide 4th August 2018, UKD Vessel “Cherry Sand” will be carrying out maintenance dredging for the safety of shipping within the enclosed Docks King’s Lynn. Each operational tide the “Cherry Sand” will depart King’s Lynn Docks 1 hour to High water and proceed to the disposal area in the vicinity of the West Stones Beacon (52° 49.7’N 000° 21.1’E). The disposal area is marked by 2 Yellow marker buoys; – • North Buoy Fl.Y.5s 52°50.615’N 000°21.190’E • South Buoy Fl.Y.10s 52°50.360’N 000°21.300’E. Discharge will be carried out at approximately High Water followed by return to King’s Lynn Docks about 30 minutes after high water;


Link to details –
Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary


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