Notices to Mariners Week 43,44,45 & 46 – Notices to Mariners for the Southern East Coast of the UK and across to France, Belgium and part of Holland

Catching up. Sorry, some of these are a bit late.


Week 43



1. New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts on 9th November, 2017 : Chart 1534 – England – East Coast, Great Yarmouth and Approaches. Great Yarmouth Outer Harbour and Great Yarmouth Haven.
Chart 1535 – England – East Coast, Lowestoft and Approaches. Lowestoft Harbour.
2. ENGLAND – Thames Estuary – Long Sand NE – Depths. Two new reduced depths on the Long Sand. Although reduced depths at 8.8 and 9.9m, this evidence of continual extension of the north-eastwards of the Long Sand Head and worth prudence. Image of course at the usual page:
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – River Thames – Gravesend Reach – Landmarks. – the two Power Station chimneys at the Tilbury Power Station have gone;
4. North Coast – Approaches to Dunkerque – Buoy. Measuring instrument. Automatic Identification System. A temporary NtM but a new yellow buoy in the Binnen Ratel channel north of Dunkerque.


1. Trinity House NtM advising in the Approaches to Lowestoft the wreck buoys for the wreck of the Tug ‘Ella’ have been widened to 500 metres – Image on the same page but under the Temporary list;
2. Trinity House advise that the S. Bawdsey buoy has had its wave actuated whistle changed to a wave actuated bell;
3. River Thames – Oikos Jetty No 2 Jetty extension now has a temporary new South Cardinal buoy from tomorrow – image in the usual page.
4. Port of Wells – Dah, dah – dredging!

Week 44


6 UKHO notices this week:


1. BELGIUM – Oostende – Legend. – Deletion of the legend regarding the Radar Surveillance Station at the entrance of the inner jetties of Oostende.
2. ENGLAND – East Coast – River Thames – Long Reach – Depth. – one reduction of depth off Purfleet but at over 7m, not to worry;
3. NETHERLANDS – Schouwenbank Junction – Pilot boarding place. – changed the Pilot changing place to match Schouwenbank safe water buoy;
4. BELGIUM – Zeebrugge to Thorntonbank NW – Submarine power cable. – new power cable to be installed from west of Zeebruggee harbour entrance out to the Wind Farm;
5. BELGIUM – Blankenberge – Depths. Buoyage. – revised buoyage to remark the shallow harbour and marina entrance – see images (like the others on:
6. ENGLAND – East Coast – Orford Ness – Depths. Wrecks. – 11 new reduced depths and wrecks on this notice. However the area has been ‘peppered’ by NtMs this year so I have added all this year’s previous changes in the two images including this one;


A quiet week hence at the first of the list is…….

1. Dredging’ at Wells;
2. London Array Windfarm – they have temporarily withdrawn the yellow North Guard Buoy for the Long Sand Middle Wave Buoy;
3. Galloper Windfarm – Start from today for a prolonged survey from the cable route to the site – see image on the usual Temporary List;
4. Havengore Bridge reported today back in operation!

Week 45


Permanent UKHO

1. New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts on 23rd November, 2017 – Chart 323 – International Chart Series, Dover Strait, Eastern Part;
2. BELGIUM – Broers Bank SW – Buoyage. Restricted area. – Small restriction and marked prohibited area off the De Panne Beaches (the Dunkirk beaches). See image on the usual page:
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – Middle Cross Sand – Depth. – one reduced depth on the eastern side of the Middle Cross Sand at 8.5m (close to a much deeper wreck so presumably building up.


1. Trinity House announcing it has taken over the rights of the wreck ‘Ella’ (off Lowestoft);
2. An apparent typo announced by Medway (Peel Ports) of a mistaken inclusion of a 1.6 obstruction off the Jetties on Saltpan Reach. The obstruction had been added earlier this year via NtM 4488/2017 so obvious a typo.
3. Port of Wells – dredging.


Week 46



1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Approaches to Harwich – Fog signal. – Change of the Whistle to a bell on the S. Bawdsey on the SCB – was foretold on Temps a couple of weeks back;
2. NETHERLANDS – Schouwen W – NM Block. Depths. – a UKHO chart block and two reductions of depth on the coast of the Delta;
3. FRANCE – North Coast – Haut Fond de Gravelines W – Buoyage. Automatic Identification System. – another addition of AIS, now on the WCB off Gravelines;
4. ENGLAND – East Coast – River Thames – Limehouse Reach – Buoyage. – two new large moorings just down from the South Dock Marina entrance and an ECB off Convoy’s Wharf, all in Limehouse Reach;
5. ENGLAND – South East Coast – Port of Ramsgate – Depths. – two reduced depths in the Outer Harbour of Ramsgate on the way to the entrance to the Royal Harbour – at4m+, not yet a threat to us.


1. Ha’penny pier refurbishment works – as has been said before;
2. BRIDGE REACH – ROCHESTER BRIDGE – Rochester rail bridge rope access inspection of the metallic superstructure and span closures – rope access inspection works and span closures will commence on the 5th of November 2017, only one span will be closed to navigation at any one time.
3. Re-Fueling or Bunkering fuel within the Brightlingsea Harbour. Forbidden except when using the designated fuel pontoon;
4. LOWESTOFT HARBOUR APPROACHES – REDUCED DEPTHS – UPDATED INFORMATION – recent survey data has indicated further shoaling and depth reduction in the NE approaches to Lowestoft Harbour. The area of least depth is from the seaward end of Jackamans Groyne, Least Depth: 3.7m below ACD;
5. Port of Wells Dredging;
6. PORT OF GREAT YARMOUTH – Navigation Byelaws – threat of the byelaws because of excessive speed, poor lighting and the need for care. The Byelaws can be download in the Temporary list on the usual page (and all the other detail):
7. Havengore – as reported earlier, the bridge is unoperational at the moment.

Link to details –

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary




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