BBQ Rubbish left on club site

Its all been sorted. A member had a BBQ last night and walked home, leaving the rubbish to clear up this morning. A vigilant member found it first thing this morning and reported it to the committee. No one was available to check if it had been cleared up later on. Hence the email post this evening.


Hi All,

Firstly we must apologise for the tone of this email being sent to all members, where the vast majority of members respect the club site and all their fellow members, but someone has abused the club facilities.

It has been reported to the committee that there has been a BBQ at the club and a lot of rubbish left behind around the flag pole. If it was you, please remove your rubbish from the club immediately.

If anyone knows who it was, the committee would very much like to know who it is, although arrangements are underway to check the cctv footage.


LHYC Committee


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3 Responses

  1. Mark Stevens says:

    Hello, The rubbish was mine. We had a bbq but walked home. I collected the rubbish first thing the next morning and disposed of it, as I do with all my rubbish generated on site. Kind regards Mark

    • Admin Admin says:

      Thanks Mark, it was reported quite early and I did suggest that maybe the case. No one was available to visit the club later to check, so the email went out this evening. Sorry for the rather blunt message.

      • Mark Stevens says:

        No problem, the vigilant member is just following orders. No offense caused. All the best.

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