Autumn 2018 Work Party 27th-28th October 2018

The Autumn Work Party is on the 27th & 28th October. Again we have a very long list of jobs . Some small, some large to suit all abilities. If you don’t feel up to anything too strenuous, not on the list is probably the most important job of all, Tea Making will need a volunteer.
There is a BBQ planned for both days.
Hopefully we will see as many of you there as possible.

Update. If you have tools that may be useful, please bring them with you.

Download list to print

1. NEW wooden POST for wall tap + replace / repair other water / electric posts.
2. FILL dip across yard where the pipes were laid.
3. Clear rubble sacks
4. Review 2 small sailing dinghies and clean/varnish/check equipment for use.
5. Overview tractor. Clean/polish bright work in and out. Grease nipples, spray ‘rust’ pieces with silicone gel
6. Construct a Kayak/Canoe compound.
7. Fill ground behind containers/secure pipework
8. Framework for canoe/kayak storage
9. Finish toilet inside. Fill/prime/2 top/Floor covering
10. Fill pot holes/use roller to firm.
11. Inspect wet cradle BOX section over rear wheels. Leaking? Jack up and remove/ new gasket and use old engine oil with sawdust to reduce rust.
12. Repair wall near slip
13. Correct uphaul rope on flagpole
14. Bench seat back repair – replacement on order. Site and secure. Transfer plaque.
15. Tidy low branches/weeds under trees
16. Clear rubbish behind huts/fill excavations.
17. Use new hedge cutter to trim back entrance greenery and around road sign
18. Strim outside gate
19. Waste from Mess Room needs putting underground
20. manhole requires Haunching up
21. Lay slabs along wall outside hut to cut down on mud trafficking in.
22. Level Bosuns Store.
23. Visitor Mooring refurb.
24. O/G Project, continue with jetty repairs
25. Remove small dinghies from large dinghy area.
26. Remove old/unmarked dinghies from racks.
27. Cut chain to length.
28. Replace tap at top of yard. ………………….Was it done?
29. Straighten up perimeter fence and double up to use spares under the lean to.
30. Blank off water/sewerage supply.
31. Strim/mow grass – Before Work Party if anyone available.
32. Poison weeds not already done.
33. clean 1 metre white horizontal board on southern end of hammerhead face.
34. Repair exit sign, cut down to make access for new cradle/container.
35. Replace broken water tap posts.
36. Fill pot holes.
37. Strim sea grass.
38. Scrape/power wash slipway and scrubbing pad.
39. Both cradles :- Check for damage / wear. Paint non-painted surfaces and areas showing rust
40. Tyre pressures on Cradles and Tractor, grease where necessary.
41. Check/tighten cradle wheel nuts.
42. Inspect Sea Wall.
43. Clear Field drain.
44. Weed killer on yard area, Mow/strim grass around BBQ, picnic area.
45. Solar panel for tractor container roof to keep battery charged
46. Wash off hut front.
47. Fit vice/s to new workbench.
48. Light/socket/ movement activated light facing new bosun’s locker over bench. Solar?
49. Cut metal constraint under bench then sand down ALL benches to treat.
50. Clear site for wood not in use to spares pile or bonfire.
51. Primer for bosuns locker padlock cover.
52. Paint wooden benches / re-site bench under tree.
53. Arrange to fill gap between the lean to and side of bosun’s locker;
54. Cut roof sheets to easily fill in end of hut space storage (underneath).
55. New wheel required on one heavy duty dinghy trailer, check and grease all others.
56. Tidy up to include flotsam of wood on slip sides to bonfire.
57. Remaining prop wood/fencing feet/wedges to be gone through and good restacked.
58. Take down blinds in the hut, clean.
59. Clean windows inside and out including surrounds.
60. Vacuum hut.
61. Pick up rubbish around site.


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